During a recent night out on the town in Paris, France, TikTok user Polska Babinks shared how she was denied service due to the outfit she was wearing. While many people thought that dress code violations were a thing that happened in America – not France where the nipple is much freer – Polska revealed that she was refused service at the restaurant because she was showing some cleavage in her outfit.

“My friend Tootatis and I were prevented from entering this restaurant because of our cleavage,” Babinks wrote in the text on top of the video, which was translated from the French language into English.

In the TikTok video, which was posted to the Chinese-created social media app after it occurred in the Paris restaurant, the young woman, Babinks, is wearing an all-pink ensemble that showcases her ample cleavage. She’s also showing off some leg in her miniskirt, which added to the risqué nature of her outfit according to the restaurant. Meanwhile, Babinks’s friend is wearing red ribbons tied around her knees and elbows along with a black shirt and pants.

The TikTok clip has already been viewed more than 3.6 million times and counting as people turn to the video to see why the Paris restaurant turned away the young hotties who simply wanted to show off their bodies in their best outfits for a night out on the town.

For most of the viral TikTok video, the young woman with ample cleavage goes back and forth with the restaurant worker (who is thought to be the owner of the Paris establishment) about how she should be allowed to dine in the restaurant despite wearing her skimpy outfit.

The viral video was captioned with “A neckline = No restaurants,” per the translation to English from the young woman’s native French.

The incident has sparked debate among Parisian socialites including some celebrities. Many people sided with the restaurant owner because they felt that Babinks’s outfit was a bit too skimpy for a fancy dinner.

“Where’s the scandal? He doesn’t want bare b**bs in his restaurant,” TV host Benjamin Castaldi wrote.

“This is not a feminist struggle! Very few women see themselves in you,” columnist Danielle Moreau said.

Producer Guillaume Genton went so far as to say that he has rarely seen “human beings as stupid” as Babinks and the other female collaborator in the viral TikTok video recorded on the streets of the French city.

“Congrats to the manager for his cool temper,” one user commented on Babinks’ video.

Other people contributed their thoughts on the incident in the comments on TikTok.

“It’s funny, since the release of this video, this restaurateur has had a lot of success. And that’s good,” another noted.

“Legally a restaurant has the right to refuse a customer if he does not respect the internal rules of the establishment,” another said.

Another viewer sided with the owner of the restaurant, writing: “It’s not a nightclub it’s a restaurant it’s totally normal that he doesn’t accept it’s not a striptease bar.”


Un décolté = pas de restaurants 😍

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