On Sunday, Kyle and Brandon Downes hit the links in North Fort Myers, Florida, for a round of golf. The two young men were eager to get outside and enjoy the Florida sun. The day was blissful and serene until one of the brothers noticed an alligator on the golf course. The reptile, which is common in South Florida, did not surprise the young golfers – until they noticed a golf ball lodged in the tail of the ten-foot alligator.

Brandon and Kyle love heading over for a December round of golf at Cape Coral’s Coral Oaks Golf Course in North Fort Myers. They were on the course when they saw the alligator lounging along with a water hazard. While the brothers knew to keep their distance from the predator, they felt sorry for it once they saw the golf ball lodged in its tail.

Suddenly, Brandon had the bright idea to approach the alligator and attempt to remove the golf ball from its tail as soon as Kyle realized that his brother wanted to put his life – or hand – in jeopardy. Brandon was caught on camera getting very close to the gator so he could bend over and snatch the golf ball from the reptile’s spikey tail.

The alligator did not notice Brandon’s approach. He snuck up behind it while it was sunning itself on the December day in Florida. The creature lounged beside the lake with the golf ball stuck among the spines of its tail.

While Brandon tries to sneak up on the gator, his brother shouts, “He’s going to whip you with that tail, dude!”

Brandon ignores his brother for the millionth time and sneaks down to get as close as possible to the alligator. He then drops to his knee and reaches out and grabs the golf ball between his fingers. Then he pulls the ball free from the alligator’s tail while the beast rushes for the water in front of it.

After the video was shot and uploaded to social media, Kyle accepted interviews to speak about it. He said that they spotted the alligator together, but it was Brandon who had the gall to go up and try to snatch the ball.

“We came across the gator on the back nine and noticed a ball on the tail,” Kyle said. “Never unusual to see a gator, but a gator with a ball on its tail? Very unusual.”

Although it’s a “mystery” to the brothers how the golf ball wound up on the alligator’s tail, they’re just glad they were able to pluck it free from the beast.

“We golf a lot being in SWFL [Southwest Florida], so this is a rare sight indeed,” Kyle said. “How the ball got there is a mystery to me.”

Fortunately, American alligators try to keep their distance from human beings. Although they’re generally afraid of humans, alligators from Florida are very deadly predators. They’re more than capable of killing people and have done so on many occasions in recent years.

What do you think about this alligator on the golf course?

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