As the world population gets devastated by COVID-19, people are looking for ways to lift up their spirits. The virus has been very deadly in America. With more than one hundred thousand people killed from COVID-19, people are still feeling the threat and waking up to the reality that life may never be the same again. Family members are forced to remain in different parts of the hospital while their loved ones die in an isolated room – and sometimes speak to their dying relative via a walkie-talkie.

In the uplifting footage shared below, you’ll watch as nurse Isabella shares her heavenly voice with a dying patient. Because medicine had done all it could to bring the elderly woman back from the brink of death, nurse Isabella wanted to give her a chance to glide off to oblivion on the wings of angels via her voice. The moment was captured on footage and showed just how much this nurse took care of the people in her ward.

Dozens of people shared their heartfelt and emotional replies to the Facebook post by Rumble. Here are some of the best comments from viewers like you.

“God bless you all, my mom just pass away and the nurse that works there use to sign to my mom before she went to bed, she was very close to my mom, thank you for your kindness and for an amazing job you guys do in your profession.”

“To the family, sorry for your loss. To that nurse who lovingly took the time to sing this beautiful song. I’m sure it comforted her in her final days. Just beautiful.”

“I would like that. I sat and sing to my aunt Martha when she was near death. Thank you. If all nurses were like you, it would be great.”

“God Bless them both. They say the hearing is the last to go. A beautiful way to go out.”

“She is obviously meant for this compassion and understanding God bless her soul.”

“These are the stories I want to hear and read about. Not how many people died the previous day. How many new cases. How many on ventilators. Every morning between the 3. Cuomo, Murphy, and DeBlasio. Stop these daily briefings!”

“I’m crying. This was beautiful, and God bless that young lady!!”

Jeremiah Nichol wrote for Rumble, “With her angelic voice, Jennings began singing “In the Garden” while holding the older woman’s hand. The beautiful song was caught on video by Schmelzle’s daughter, Julie Nichol. This beautiful act of kindness and compassion that Isabelle showed, it was very touching. The best gift you can give somebody is your time and compassion.”

Footage like this is hard to come by. Not only does it capture the last few moments of a person’s life, but it also captures someone opening their heart to goodness and allowing it to flow forth like a tsunami. If more people like nurse Isabella shared their hearts with the world, it would be a brighter place for all in it.

What do you think about her singing for her patient?

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