Ali C. Lopez, a transgender influencer, recently found herself in the eye of a viral storm after appearing on a dating and relationships podcast. In an interview with Fox News Digital, she shared her thoughts on society’s increasing sensitivity and her concerns about the declining perception of masculinity.

For Lopez, the sudden fame brought about by becoming an internet meme has been a surreal experience. She described it as an “out-of-body experience,” and despite being relatively new to the world of viral internet fame, she acknowledged the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with it. “There’s good, bad, exciting, nervous. It’s just all over the place,” Lopez confessed.

Her journey into internet stardom began when she appeared on the podcast “Whatever,” known for its passionate debates on feminism, traditional values, and gender roles. Little did she know that this appearance would make her the subject of a meme that poked fun at her appearance.

In her conversation with Fox News Digital, Lopez shed light on the challenges of dating in the modern age, specifically addressing her concerns about the declining perception of masculinity in society. She expressed her desire to find a partner who embodies traditionally masculine qualities, such as the ability to perform tasks like fixing a flat tire. However, she noted that finding individuals with these qualities has become increasingly challenging.

Lopez emphasized the importance of men stepping up and embracing their roles as providers and protectors in relationships. She observed a growing trend where some men expect women to take on a greater share of responsibilities while contributing less themselves. Lopez advocates for a more balanced approach, suggesting that couples should aim for a 50/50 contribution when it comes to sharing expenses and responsibilities.

One notable moment that catapulted Lopez to internet fame was her candid response when asked to rate her own attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10 during an episode of “Whatever.” Without hesitation, she confidently stated, “[I’m] a fat f—ing ten.” This moment led to her being affectionately referred to as “Gorlock the Destroyer” in a popular meme that garnered millions of views on TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Reflecting on the moniker “Gorlock the Destroyer,” Lopez admitted to having mixed feelings about it. There are days when she finds it bothersome, but she has also contemplated embracing it. Her willingness to engage in discussions about gender identity sets her apart from some of her Gen Z peers who may shy away from such conversations. She believes that as long as there is mutual respect, topics like transgenderism should be open for peaceful discussion.

One of Lopez’s key values is patience, and she wishes that people would exercise more of it, especially when discussing sensitive issues. She expressed a desire for both sides of a conversation to approach differences with patience and understanding, rather than immediately resorting to labeling or name-calling.

Regarding generational differences in attitudes towards transgender issues, Lopez emphasized the importance of understanding that older generations may not share the same perspectives due to their upbringing in a less accepting society. She encouraged young people to give their parents a break and focus on fostering love and acceptance rather than seeking full understanding.

Lopez concluded by addressing the increasing sensitivity of society and the need for individuals to let minor issues slide as long as they are not facing direct hostility. She underscored the importance of providing understanding and support, particularly when it comes to parents who may be navigating unfamiliar terrain in today’s more inclusive world.

In the end, Ali C. Lopez’s journey from obscurity to internet fame has allowed her to share her perspective on a wide range of issues, from masculinity and relationships to tolerance and understanding. Her story serves as a reminder that open and respectful dialogue can bridge gaps and foster empathy in a society that is becoming increasingly diverse and interconnected.