Talent is not always something that can be cultivated. Some of us are just born with it! And few would argue that 18-month-old Hunter did not come into this world bursting with a talent for dance and music. In a viral video that first went live on YouTube back in 2007, young Hunter demonstrates his ample dance moves as he shakes his stuff to one of Beyonce’s hit songs.

Hunter’s mom happens to be a dance instructor. Because of her passion for movement arts, Hunter was exposed to dance at a very young age. He often joined his mother at the dance studio, where he would watch her dance and watch students of all ages learn how to dance. It was very educational for the young boy who took to the dance floor very naturally from a young age.

In the video below, Hunter is only about 18-months old. Despite his youth, he demonstrates an aptitude for dance that people ten times his age don’t always have.

His mother shared the 44-second video of Hunter dancing to YouTube under the title “A Star Is Born.”

His mother shared a brief description about her dancing baby boy on YouTube, writing:

“Being a dance teacher, your baby hears the music for each recital several times. It was so cute how Hunter, at only 18 months, would stay super still during the slow part of the song and start ‘dancing’ when the music picked up.”

Because mom was always dancing – and often teaching others how to shake their moneymakers – she knew that it was time for her to take out her camera and catch Hunter as he busted a move.

His mom added, “At our small studio recital, we put him on stage and played the music to see what he would do, and he didn’t disappoint!”

The song that mom decides to have Hunter dance to is Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) by the one-and-only Beyonce. Because she picked such a high-energy song, she knew that Hunter would not be able to resist the beat. And as mom said, her boy certainly did not disappoint his eager audience.

In the years since his video has gone viral – and the video has accumulated more than 33 million views – his mother has returned to the description to share an update about her dancing baby boy.

“He is now almost ten, so he has grown up quite a bit, so we are glad we shared this memory on YouTube for our friends and family to see.”

Although this video might be more than a decade old, it still spreads as much joy today as it did when it first appeared online in 2007. This fact just goes to show you that some things are universal – and cute babies are one of those things. This video proves that to be the case without a doubt.

What do you think about this toddler’s dance moves? Do you think Hunter has a future in dance if he keeps working on his chops?