In an outrageous display of talent, a five-year-old Roxy Brennan knows how to move to the music. Although she is just in kindergarten, Roxy does not let that stop her. Who cares if she is young if she is able to dance like someone four-times her age? As you’re about to see, Roxy Brennan is a youngster with a bright future ahead of her, and if she stays on the track she is currently on, she’ll be a dance to be reckoned with in short order.

When it comes to dancing, it seems that some people have it while others don’t. But in reality, dancing, like any skill, improves with practice. It’s amazing how much better we can get at something if we simply practice it. Roxy Brennan practices dance a lot, more than most people would even consider being “healthy.” But she loves it and wants to dance all the time, so there’s literally no stopping her.

With the rise of social media, more parents have been able to showcase their talented children. It’s one of the reasons that children are getting a lot more exposure at younger ages. In the past, parents had to have access to expensive shows and pageants, in order to get people to pay attention to their talented little one. Now, all they have to do is record a video and share it on YouTube or Facebook, and suddenly the kid’s talent is all anyone wants to talk about. Then before you know it, Ellen DeGeneres is inviting the kid on her show, and the little one’s career is taking off like a rocket.

Although Roxy Brennan is just five years old – an age most parents just start thinking about giving their children dance or music lessons – she has the skills of someone much, much older than her.

Not everyone believes that Roxy can really dance as she belongs on the professional stage, but when you see the performance video below, you’ll become a believer.

In the video, Roxy Brennan performs the famous dance routine from Flashdance. She’s rocking out to “Maniac” in a display of dance skill that is otherwise impossible to replicate. She’s both a natural and someone who has worked incredibly hard to get to where she has gotten to.

Throughout the course of the video, Roxy proves that she has that rare ability to keep people engaged. She gets their eyes glued to her as she moves her body to the music, in a way that exudes talent and finesse. She’s an expert at what she does, and she’s only five-years-old! She’s a dance prodigy!

Within a few seconds, Roxy takes her dance routine from great to breathtaking. She lifts her leg over her head and then spins around on one foot. She then increases the intensity, and by the time the song reaches the chorus, Roxy Brennan is burning a hole through the dance floor.

Although other young dancers would never hope to rival Roxy’s performance, she pushes her body to the limit with a performance that might just go down in history.

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