Millions of people rely on eggs to start their mornings. Because chicken eggs can be cooked in many different ways, there are so many tricks and “hacks” popping up on social media trying to give people inspiration on how to revamp their breakfast. However, one trick has appeared online that has thousands of people choosing to fold their eggs instead of scrambling them – and people are swearing they will NEVER go back.

Scrambling eggs is an easy way to cook the breakfast item. However, they can sometimes produce a runny, wet finished product that some people hate. To get beyond this wet egg issue, many people overcook their scrambled eggs. This means that they have a dry, rubbery texture.

For those who don’t like rubbery texture for their scrambled eggs, there’s a cooking hack that has people excited. It’s folding the eggs instead of scrambling them.

According to Paige Bennett with Insider, “I started by whisking together two eggs with salt, pepper, and a ‘generous glug’ – or about two tablespoons – of heavy cream and adding a pat of butter to a pan over medium heat. Once the butter had melted and started to sizzle, I poured in the eggs and let them sit for 20 seconds, using a rubber spatula to gently push and pull the edges. As parts of the egg cooked and were moved away, more poured in to fill the spot.”

She wrote: “This process was very simple and took about five minutes. But despite how I constantly folded it, the egg mix was unevenly cooked – some parts of it started to brown while others were still liquid. I was impressed by how well these eggs held together.”

Folding the eggs made it much easier for Paige to create a delightful and delicious egg sandwich. Paige also said that when she bit into her egg sandwich, she said the egg did not fall apart. Instead, it had a hearty bite that was delicious and something she would want to come back to, day after day, to start her morning routine.

“I ate this batch on toast and was impressed when not a single piece fell to the wayside,” Paige wrote. “I usually have a fried egg on bread or a bagel for breakfast since it doesn’t fall apart the way a scrambled one would, but this new method is perfect for breakfast sandwiches, so I definitely plan to use it again specifically for that purpose.”

She added, “Although the folded eggs didn’t evenly cook, I still preferred them to my typical scrambled ones. I’ve tried other methods that whip up really soft eggs, but the results are usually far too wet for me to stomach. The folded egg was thoroughly cooked, albeit a little overdone in some spots, without being dry. It also took hardly any time at all – I could toast my bread, make my coffee, and have my eggs ready to go in about five or six minutes.

“And best of all, they didn’t fall apart when added to bread, so I plan to make my breakfast this way more often, especially on busy weekday mornings.”

Will you try folding eggs for your breakfast sandwiches?

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