It has long been known that Russian President Vladimir Putin is hiding his true wealth and valuable assets. But it was recently revealed that the leader of the Russian nation possesses a secret mansion hidden in the Russian forest where he lives with his gymnast girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, and their secret children, according to a tell-all investigative report. The Proekt independent media group released the shocking report that details how Putin lives in a “wooden mansion” palace in the woods of Valdai, which is located about two hundred fifty miles northwest of Moscow.

Because Putin’s secret children are all “underage,” the tell-all report was not able to list their names. The report did not reveal any details about the children, like how many possible heirs the Russian president has produced with his gymnast lover or their names and ages.

“However, we will tell you where they are hiding,” the publication revealed.

Previously rumors have articulated that 70-year-old Putin and his 39-year-old lover, Kabaeva, had children together. However, no Russians know the truth. The couple has never come forward to claim that they are indeed in a relationship together, nor have they said whether or not they have produced any children as part of their alleged romance.

“In the course of this investigation, Proekt journalists have established many facts about the relationship between the Russian president and his mistress, all of which seem to have been copied from medieval history books.”

Putin’s personal wealth has always been kept hidden from Russian voters. However, there are some people who believe that Putin would be considered the richest man in the world if his true wealth was reported rather than hidden from sight.

The mansion in the woods outside of Valdai is described as a “royal residence.” Its construction began almost immediately after Putin rose to power around the turn of the millennium. Putin wanted his secret mansion in the woods to be “like St. Petersburg,” which means he wanted it as luxurious as the residences previously owned by Russian tsars.

“In 2013, Putin officially divorced [former first lady] Lyudmila, but he never stopped loving Valdai. It was here — at first, apparently, in the same ‘golden’ house — that he brought his new mistress [Kabaeva].”

The report added: “He later built a new wooden mansion for Kabaeva and her children. It is located about 800 meters from the “golden” house. Construction of the house for Kabaeva began in 2020.”

Then “In 2021, a boat dock was built near Kabaeva’s house. From it, one can take a boat across a small canal to a huge, classic palace park laid out on a 28-hectare plot. These lands were once the site of a tree nursery, where seedlings of conifers were grown to restore the national park. Located about the same distance from Putin’s and Kabaeva’s houses is a huge spa complex with a solarium, a cryo chamber, a 25-meter swimming pool, a hammam, a sauna, a mud room, massage baths, cosmetology and dentistry areas.”

Do you think Putin is hiding the truth about his mansion in the woods?