After 23-year-old Cori Glencross was filmed assaulting an elderly woman at a bus stop, she begged for her identity to remain a secret. Unfortunately, the police showed no sympathy for Cori Glencross’s request. Because Glencross was filmed bashing in the head of a 75-year-old woman at a bus stop in Geelong in Victoria, the footage was posted online, and it did not take long for the identity of the violent young woman to become public knowledge.

After the attack video was shared, Glencross acted like she was assaulting the elderly, white-haired woman in self-defense. She said that if her name got out in the media, her personal safety would be at risk. Because there was so much backlash on social media surrounding the violent video, Glencross faced death threats and other worrying issues.

However, the magistrate ruled that her identity should be made public because they had to honor the interest of open justice. They said that the violent abuser of the elderly would have to endure the “cruel, demeaning, and humiliating” posts on social media. Because she had attacked an elderly woman, she deserved what was coming to her, the magistrate believed.

Glencross was trying to silence the media. If she had won, the media would never have been able to report details of her case. The silence would have worked in her favor. Instead, of letting the truth speak for itself, she wanted people to be in the dark. She wanted no one to know about the evil acts she committed when she thought no one was looking.

However, Glencross’s lawyer, Shelley Buchecker, said multiple Facebook posts indicated that Glencross was in imminent danger.

Magistrate Ann McGarvie was having none of it. She rejected the elderly assailant’s suppression order under Australia’s presumption of open justice.

Glencross has a history of crimes. She was also charged with shoplifting and committing indictable offenses while she had posted bail between the months of November 2018 and March of 2019. She’s a bad apple and doesn’t want anyone to know it.

However, the most egregious crime involved the assault on the elderly woman at a bus stop in Geelong back on April 16, 2019. A friend of the attacker filmed the abuse unfolding and then uploaded it to social media to highlight how “tough” Glencross is when fighting an old woman.

“Whilst this post is cruel, demeaning and humiliating, there is no evidence within those comments of threats to her safety,” Magistrate McGarvie said.

Because Glencross decided to attack an old woman, the Magistrate believes she should get what is coming to her.

“Case law clearly states that orders affecting open justice must not be made because the person would suffer shame, embarrassment, and humiliation,” she said.

Magistrate McGarvie said that open justice overrules Glencross’s personal reputation.

‘” It will embarrass her, it will humiliate her, and it will shame her. However, I am not satisfied that a closed court order is necessary and the application is refuse.”

Glencross will be sentenced for her violent crimes on October 29, 2019.

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