A dedicated husband and father named Nick Davis believe that his three wives, the “queens” in his life, should hold all the power. He insists that they go to work and earn all of the family’s money while he focuses his attention on things at home, like raising his two children. Nick Davis is married to three women named April, Jennifer, and Danielle.

All four adults live inside the same home. They share a bed together, and the three women “sandwich him as he sleeps at night” in a bed full of adults. Now, Davis claims that he is a trophy husband who doesn’t have to work since he values the power of women so much.

Davis was first married to his wife, April, when she suggested that they introduce another woman into their relationship. They had been together for nine years and were happily married, but the couple felt that by adding another woman, they could spice things up and have even more love in their lives.

“Nick’s a lot to handle. Let’s just say that… in a lot of ways. Nick is a lot to handle in the bed,” she told TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife program.

April was eager for another woman to come into their household to please her trophy husband day in and day out. In a short period of time, they found the perfect woman to include in their family. Her name was Jennifer, and she fell right into place in the polygamous household.

April felt that Jennifer was the ideal woman to add to the equation because she knew her husband would find her attractive. When Jennifer joined the couple in their marital home, they immediately started getting along and could not have been happier.

Last year, the family decided to open their doors to yet another woman. That’s when Danielle joined the family. She is just twenty-two years old and has an energetic, bubbly personality that keeps Nick Davis very busy in the bedroom. Once April and Nick realized that Danielle would also make a great sister-wife, they added her to the family.

“Nick’s a lot to handle in general with his personality. It’s nice to be able to have helping hands,” April said.

Nick has married all three women. He said he is “living the dream” of being a trophy husband while his wives take care of his every need in and out of the bedroom.

Meanwhile, the arrangement seems to be working nicely for the second and third wives. Danielle said she never knew that she could “be this happy” with a relationship arrangement.

Nick impregnated Jennifer with the group’s first child, Vera. He stays home with the baby while the three women, who are all working professionals, go to their jobs and earn a living for the family.

Nick has a teen son from a previous relationship. This boy has “taken on the role of big brother with ease.” He loves the expanded family.

Many men are jealous of Nick Davis’s success with his wives.

“Poor me being cheated in all my relationships so far, and this guy has three together, no complaints, and doesn’t even work,” one man complained.

“You are living the life. Right now, I am breaking my back for no one and nothing,” complained another.