Liliana may have died but has now found a new lease on life. Although she is just a teenager, Liliana suffered an extreme and rare allergic reaction after doing drugs for the first time. The allergy caused her brain and heart to stop working. When that occurred, she witnessed a tunnel of white light and spent some time in the afterlife. Now she hopes to let the world know exactly what she saw and why more people should appreciate life at this moment.

“Okay, so I’ve died before,” the teen from Arizona admitted during her first TikTok video on her near-death experience. The video has since been viewed more than five million times. “Let me just tell you what’s true and not true.”

“You lose desires, but you still be thinking a little bit,” she said.

After she died, her sense of sight was the first thing to go away. Then her sense of touch disappeared, but her “hearing never went away” for some reason.

“You leave your body, but it’s not like a hovering over everyone and watching the situation. It’s like you become another being. I can’t f**king describe it,” she continued, adding: “The light parts true.”

The near-death experience occurred for the Arizona teen after smoking marijuana for the first time in 2018 as a young sophomore in high school. Despite years of warning about drug abuse from her family and friends, she risked her life to get high.

“I took one hit and then started losing cognitive brain functions,” she said. “I couldn’t focus or sit upright, and then my friend offers me water, and I said, ‘What’s water?’ and then passed out on the floor.”

Paramedics arrived and tried to revive her. She heard them working hard to bring her back from the dead. But she had no control over her body until she fell into a tunnel that turned into “white light.”

At the end of the tunnel, you “leave your body” and then return “back to the source.” She confirmed that she did not meet God or experience anything remotely like heaven or hell.

“I didn’t meet God, there wasn’t heaven and hell, there was source,” she wrote, noting that “there’s a lot of spinning and some shapes.”

She added, “It is scary, but in the last stages, you feel nothing, there’s no fear, happiness, or sadness. You become another source of energy, and you’re not having human thoughts. It’s really hard to picture it without experiencing it, but it felt like an eternity.”

The paramedics eventually forced her to throw up, which allowed her to breathe again. Once she was breathing again, she returned from the dead.

She said that her allergic reaction to marijuana was so intense that she only took “half a hit” before she lost consciousness.

“I didn’t ingest anything near enough for me to become high and trip,” she clarified. “I wasn’t breathing. I didn’t have a heartbeat.”

Although Lillian still believes in God following her near-death experience, she does not believe in “manmade versions of God” like in the Christian church, she said.

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