There’s a reason this woman has a look of shame on her face. Not only has 34-year-old teacher Cynthia Perkins been accused of child rape, she allegedly served children in her classroom baked goods stuffed with her bodily fluids. The teacher from Livingston Parish, Louisiana, has been accused of horrible crimes against children, and the addition of the claim of the baked goods is just too much for anyone with a moral compass to handle.

It was last week when parents at Westside Junior High School learned that the police were investigating teacher, Cynthia Perkins. And when the police told parents that the teacher had brought baked goods to school filled with her own bodily fluids, they were horrified. One mother admitted that she believes her son consumed the contaminated food and that she considers the idea “disgusting and sick.”

Because this teacher was abusing her close relationship to students for her personal pleasure, parents are very concerned. They do not know to what extent Perkins abused the children in her charge as well as other children across the community. Nevertheless, dozens of parents have met with school authorities, seeking Justice in this case. They are horrified that this teacher fed students food contaminated with bodily fluids.

It was reported that Perkins served doughnuts and a cupcake that was allegedly tainted with her fluids. Now it is up to the investigators to figure out how many children ate the contaminated food.

One mother said that her daughter would be “tested for anything and everything that I can get her tested for” to make sure that she did not get sick or contract any time of transmittable disease from eating the teacher’s bodily fluids.

Although parents are outraged, school authorities have their hands tied. The school said that there are no policies in place that limit what types of food can be brought to campus. That means they might not even be sure if Perkins broke the school’s rules.

The baked goods arrived at the school from the home that is shared by Perkins and her husband, Dennis. Both of them were arrested on similar charges last month. They were arrested on charges of rape of a minor and is in possession of illegal images of underage children.

The new claim that she served her children students tainted food is only the latest twist in the investigation into the demented teacher. Perkins has been teaching in Livingston Parish since 2012. She’s been booked on two counts of child rape. She faces sixty counts of production of illegal content involving a child under the age of thirteen.

Perkins’s husband Dennis, a former Sheriff’s deputy who knows all the laws, faces the same unthinkable charges as his wife, along with counts of video voyeurism and obscenity.

Sheriff Jason Ard said, “It is a sad day for us, for all law enforcement officers, when you arrest one of your own. I do not condone these alleged acts. I am disappointed.”

Hopefully, the state of Louisiana will go tough on this child molesters. It makes matters even worse that these suspects were both a teacher and a sheriff’s deputy. They should have known better.

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