Cat owners know that their feline friends can get up to a lot of mischief. This issue becomes even more prominent when the cat is allowed to wander outside of the home during some of the days. One cat owner recently revealed in a shocking post to Reddit how their snow-white cat returned home covered in pink lipstick kisses that the feline friend had received from another person while they were out of the house wandering the neighborhood.

The cat, Cotton Candy, was covered with pink lipstick kisses from an unknown cat lover after a trip outside of the home. The person decided to upload the adorable photos to Reddit’s r/aww subreddit to give people online a reason to smile on an otherwise dreary day.

Cotton Candy is from Florianópolis in southern Brazil. The cat lives with his owner Arivane, 54, who was delighted and a bit surprised to find the cat covered in kisses after wandering around the neighborhood during one of Cotton Candy’s regular outings.

Cotton Candy lives in a home with a big backyard that has plenty of trees to explore. He is the eldest cat of three with his two sisters, Kimi and Xuxu. Cotton Candy loves to spend his free time outside of the house, where he apparently has at least one other human admirer.

In a conversation with Newsweek, Arivane spoke about how someone showed Cotton Candy a whole lot of love during one of his outdoor excursions.

“It all happened very suddenly. He appeared all kissed, and we didn’t know what had happened. We went to check and discovered a hole in the fence that surrounds our land.”

While Cotton Candy did not usually wander off of his owner’s property, he must have found a hole in the wall or fence and somehow come across a secret admirer. The cat owner was joyfully surprised to see that Cotton Candy had made a new friend. They suggested the possibility that the person had lifted the screen in the yard so they could interact with the white cat.

Cotton Candy is a very loving cat. Nonetheless, Arivane was shocked to see that the kitty had received so many kisses from the stranger. The Brazilian cat owner snapped a pair of pictures of Cotton Candy to share online because they knew the images would delight people the world over.

“My cat showed up at my house like this today. Apparently, we have a cat lover in our street.”

On Reddit about two thousand people commented with many people finding the lipstick markings on the cat to be absolutely hilarious.

“Cat’s just letting you know they’ve got options.”

Another added, “Scientists say cats have no sense of humor. I say scientists are wrong.”

A third person added on Reddit: “Who is just out there kissing random cats lol”

Another person quipped, “She’s easy to find. Just look for the old woman with the furry lips.”