David has struggled to walk for a while. Ever since he developed foot and nail fungus, he has never been able to lead a normal life. The pain is severe and has turned his feet into a “train wreck,” as he describes it. Not only are they a source of pain, but David is “embarrassed” by his bizarre feet and the fungus that has utterly ruined them.

In an effort to spread awareness and educate the masses about feet and their ailments, David agreed to appear on Quest Red’s My Feet Are Killing Me. During his appearance on the show, the doctor was stunned when David showed him what had happened to his feet.

Without knowing what else to do, the doctor set about sanding down David’s “croissant-like toenails” because they had been untended for so long.

Five years ago, David’s life was turned upside down. That’s when the toe and nail fungus struck him and has impeded his ability to walk. But pain is not the only thing. His feet are also very bizarre-looking, which makes him feel inadequate.

“My feet are just a train wreck, and I’m embarrassed about it,” he said.

David also struggles to put his shoes on and off. Not only is it painful, but his toenails simply get in the way.

The fungus struck him while he was at a low point in his life. He had just lost his beloved mother, so he fell into a depression and stopped taking care of himself. The fungus grew worse, and soon his feet were deteriorating.

“Losing my mother, that just killed me,” David admitted. “She was wonderful.”

On the program about feet, David accepted a visit with Dr. Brad Schaeffer, a renowned foot and ankle surgeon who said he could help David. However, David had to make one thing very clear before the doctor removed his socks and looked at his problem.

“I just hope you didn’t have a big breakfast today. Man, you’re in a for a shocker!” David said.

The doctor removed David’s socks to find that the fungus had completely consumed his feet. David’s toenails are overgrown and bizarrely layered. Besides that, the skin on his feet is very dry and flaky.

Dr. Schaeffer was shocked as he examined David’s feet.

“When I removed David’s socks, there was just flakes and flakes coming off of his feet,” he said, as David tries to hide his pain. “I’ve seen worse cases, but this is the worst case of toenail fungus that I have seen.”

The doctor said, “David’s nails were so long that they were curling on top of each other, almost bridging together. His skin was flaking off. You could literally take little pieces of it off. It looked like a croissant.”

Because David’s overall health was at risk, the doctor had to get to work.

“I’m going to chip away at David’s toenails, and once they’re removed, I’m going to file them down, so it looks like a normal foot,” Dr. Schaeffer said.

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