A female corrections officer thought she had come up with a skillful way to have sex with an inmate at the Fresno County Jail. Twenty-seven-year-old Tina Gonzalez cut a hole in the front of her pants, so she could engage in intercourse with a male inmate. Staff at the jail came to learn about the affair after it was discovered the man had been given a cellphone as well as engaging in sexual activity with the corrections officer.

After she was confronted with the evidence, Gonzalez pleaded no contest to the felony count of sexual activity by a detention facility employee with a consenting confined adult. She also pleaded guilty to a felony count of possession of drugs or an alcoholic beverage in a jail facility and a misdemeanor count of possession of a cellular device with intent to deliver to an inmate, according to a detailed report from Daily Mail.

Gonzalez was slapped with seven months of prison time as well as two years of probation. She was found to have cut a hole in her uniform, so she could more easily engage in sex with the inmate in question. Her colleagues were appalled that she was engaging in a sexual relationship with the inmate behind the backs of her coworkers and other inmates.

Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas said that the plan to cut a hole in her pants was “something only a depraved mind can come up with.”

A detailed investigation into the corrections officer’s behavior found that she not only had sex with the inmate but also gave him contraband, including razors. In the prison setting, these devices are considered weapons. She would also alert her lover when he was going to be searched, so he could hide his contraband from the people who were looking for it.

Phone logs also found that Gonzalez maintained her connection to the inmate even after her affair with the man was discovered. She was loyal to him despite his confinement in the Fresno County Jail.

“She took an oath which she betrayed and in doing so endangered her coworkers’ lives,” McComas said. “But she has shown no remorse. She continually calls and has sexually explicit conversations with the inmate in question and boasts about the crimes she carried out.”

When officers searched the inmate’s cell, they found the phone in his possession. After she was questioned about her connection to the inmate, Gonzalez quit her job with the sheriff’s office back in December 2019 – and has recently been sentenced for her involvement with the suspected criminal.

“It was never her intention to bring any harm or danger to the employees in the jail or anyone else in the jail,” her defense attorney, Martin Taleisnik, said.

Taleisnik confirmed that Gonzalez took responsibility for her actions. She had also been put in a “vulnerable” state because her marriage had ended around the same time.

“What you did was terrible, stupid, and you have ruined your career,” Judge Idiart told Gonzalez in Fresno County court. “But I also believe that people can redeem themselves, and you have the rest of your life to do that. Good luck.”