When Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, her account became a big hit immediately. In minutes, she found herself followed by more than a million people, becoming the fastest person ever to reach that many followers. Since then, she has gained more than 12 million followers as people continue to flock to the star as quickly as possible. While people are delighted to see content from the famous actor and cast member of Friends, one image showed something in the background that shocked Aniston’s followers, horrifying them with the reality of what it meant.

During a cast party photo featuring Aniston and the other cast members of Friends, an eagle-eyed fan saw something in the background that should not have been featured in the image. Maybe this was the reason Aniston’s agent and the manager never encouraged her to get an Instagram account – she was not careful enough when concealing bad habits.

Some viewers saw the blurry white substance at the top of the image and immediately recognized it as lines of cocaine. Some fans refused to believe that Aniston and the other members of the Friends cast would engage in illegal drugs, while others were confident that the white lines were cocaine and that Matthew Perry was hovering over it waiting for his turn to snort the stuff.

“The lines of coke on top of the iPhone in Jennifer Aniston’s first Instagram picture is one hell of a way to make your social media debut.”

Another fan wrote, “I only bought Aveeno because Jennifer Aniston is their spokeswoman. And yes, before you ask, if Jen Aniston was a spokesperson for cocaine, I would, in fact, buy it.”

“We just gonna ignore the cocaine on the phone then? Jennifer Aniston, moving mad.”

People were upset that the cast of Friends was snorting cocaine. But they were even more upset with Jennifer Aniston for advertising the habit on Instagram. Since she is supposed to be a role model to young women, fans were outraged that she was showing off what the cast members were really up to behind the scenes of the show’s revival.

Another fan wrote, “Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram with a reunion picture of the Friends cast but forgot to edit out the cocaine in the picture. This is the best day of my life.”

Jennifer Aniston and the other cast members of Friends are remaining conspicuously quiet when it comes to the cocaine in their reunion picture. Because they’re trying to ignore the bad publicity until it fades into the past, they know better than to say anything and address any of the rumors flying around about what really happens on the set of Friends when the cameras are turned off.

Superfans, those who refuse to believe anything about Jennifer Aniston except for the fact that she’s an angel, argue that the white substance on the phone is not cocaine but “a reflection of an overhead light fixture.”

Believe what you must. The photographic evidence is now available on Instagram for all to see courtesy of Jennifer Aniston.

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