Tina Hines’s heart stopped beating. She was gone from the world for not one minute, not two minutes, not three minutes, or four minutes. She was dead, completely gone, for a total of twenty-seven minutes. But when Hines returned from the land of the dead, she had a message to her family about Heaven, and now she wants the world to know that she met her maker during her near-death experience and that the world is a much more beautiful place now that she saw the afterlife.

For the twenty-seven minutes that Tina Hines was declared medically dead, she was having the experience of her lifetime in the afterworld. Although doctors and family members could not tell whether or not anything was going on inside her head, Tina Hines was transported to an entirely different world where she was graced with the presence of her creator in Heaven.

Hines’s tragic brush with death occurred while she was out for a walk with her husband. She suddenly went into cardiac arrest and dropped to the ground in severe pain. Tina’s eyes rolled back into her head and she stopped breathing. Her husband, Brian, did everything he could to revive his beloved wife who was as healthy as a horse. The cardiac arrest had come as such a surprise and no one had ever expected healthy Tina Hines of having such a close brush with death.

Fortunately, Brian was able to revive Tina with his CPR skills. But her revival was short-lived. She faded back into the dark world of unconsciousness shortly afterward and was in desperate need of emergency services professionals who had better equipment at their disposal to help revive the beloved woman.

Fortunately, Tina was transported to a nearby hospital where doctors got to work trying to bring her back from the land of the dead.

Meanwhile, Tina’s sister, Tammy, and her husband Dave dropped everything and began rushing to her sister’s side in Los Angeles. However, the drive would take some time since they were not in town. But during the trip, Tammy had a premonition that her sister, Tina, was going to be all right despite everything that had happened.

That’s when Tammy’s husband, Dave, received a text from Brian letting them know that Tina was “alive.”

Brian stepped into the ICU room where Tina was recovering from her near-death experience. That’s when he realized his prayers had been answered far better than he ever could have imagined they would be.

The next day, Tina tried breathing on her own without help from a ventilator. Then she asked for a pen and paper. She scribbled down “It’s real.” And she later explained that she had met God in Heaven.

During her twenty-seven minutes of being dead, Tina met Jesus and saw the Gates of Heaven. Her near-death experience ended up making her own faith and that of her family’s much stronger because she had been in contact with Jesus Christ in the afterlife.

Tina has since gotten a tattoo of “it’s real” on her wrist to remind her every day about the presence of her Savior.