A young woman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, loves her pooch. On social media, 31-year-old Nathalia Silveira shares all the great things she does for her dog and has proven to people online that her dog eats better than many human beings. Silveira has put her dog on a raw diet that includes fish eyes and chicken feet, and she even makes the dog participate in “intermittent fasting” to help him lead the happiest life a dog can.

The only food that Silveira feeds her dog is raw. She often gives the dog whole quails, raw fish, liver, and kidney chunks. She also puts in a mix of fruit and vegetables to give the dog the vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy.

Although she feeds her dog a very healthy diet, she doesn’t spend as much money on the ingredients as you might suspect. Instead, she says she spends about $40 to $60 per month on the food for her beloved pooch, which is cheaper than many people shell out to pay for dog food.

In addition to saving her money on dog food, Silveira has seen her dog get healthier and healthier. Her dog’s health has improved greatly since she switched the pooch over to a raw diet.

“Theo is my companion, and I love him unconditionally,” the devoted dog owner said. “I believe feeding dogs real food is one of the best things you can do for them. I’ve noticed benefits like an increase in vitality in Theo, less hair loss, and an improvement in his oral health. He’s even lost weight, and his hair looks brighter. Theo is calmer and happier since eating this way – even his feces is smaller and smells less.”

Silveira loves feeding her dog, Theo, a healthy raw diet. She loves it so much that she goes out of her way to record the meals and share images of them on Instagram. She has amassed a large following of 53,600 people who are eager to see what she feeds Theo next.

“Feeding them several times a day is just another form of humanization since we feel bad seeing them not eating all day, although the body knows how to deal with it,” she wrote on one social media post. “I have noticed that during the day, he doesn’t care if I don’t put food out, despite eating everything when I offer it. At night if it takes a little while, sometimes he asks. I found out that they were in the habit of hunting at night and because they ate all the prey at once, it must be the reason he has this preference. Just as many people still find raw food to be strange, we must keep in mind that we are different species with different needs.”

Readers of Daily Mail shared their reactions to the raw dog food diet as comments.

“In fairness, the dog looks quite happy with his meal, but I just couldn’t be bothered with all the faff.”

Another reader doesn’t like it.

“Chicken bones are going to splinter and hurt the dog internally. This is animal abuse.”

What do you think about this dog’s raw food diet?

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