It’s not a title that anyone would seek out, but someone has to be “the most hated woman in America.” And as it turns out, this person is murderer Chris Watts’ beloved mistress. Because the public detests her, police took her into protective custody and moved her to a new state and got her a new job in the wake of Watts’s murders that shook the nation.

Back in August, Chris Watts murdered his wife and two daughters. Now he is in jail waiting for his day in court. Not long after Chris Watts ended the lives of his innocent family members, Nicole Kessinger admitted that she was having a steamy affair with Watts. Because she came forward and offered testimony against the killer despite her role in influencing him to act against his family, police have granted her witness protection and are giving her a new name and moving her hundreds of miles from home.

Kessinger started sleeping with Watts just a month before he murdered his family at their Greeley, Colorado home. Because the public detested her as the “other woman,” she received numerous threats and abuse and said she would not be comfortable stepping out in public “for years.” That’s when the police bent to her will and offered her access to the coveted witness protection program.

When Watts killed his family, Kessinger had worked with him at the oil company Anadarko. It is unclear if she was the motivation that turned Watts into a murderer. Or if she just entered his life at the wrong time.

A month after Kessinger and Watts became lovers, he strangled his wife, Shanann. He then buried her in a shallow grave in a Colorado oil field. He then put his murdered daughters Bella and Celeste in oil tanks.

Watts later made a suspicious appearance on television where he pretended to be unaware of their whereabouts. In November, he pleaded guilty and was given five life sentences.

Kessinger told police that she and Watts started talking in late May or early June. Then they began having sex a few weeks later. Watts then told Kessinger that their marriage was over because his wife refused to try to work things out with him. These “facts” were later proven absolutely false. It was Watts who was ruining the marriage.

While Watts was taking Kessinger to bed, he failed to mention that his wife was pregnant with a third child. But during one of their final sessions together, he came clean about the pregnancy but told his mistress that the father was another man.

After Watts killed his family, Kessinger sat down with police on August 16 and spoke to them for two hours. She came to investigators herself after ending the relationship with Chris because he told so many lies.

Despite her best effort to help, Kessinger quickly became “the most hated woman in America” and now had to flee her home and start her life over again.

What do you think about her decision to speak the truth about the family killer?

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