When a customer walked into a restaurant, they were greeted with a sloppily handwritten message on the stanchion. The sign, which pleaded with customers to “please be patient with us today,” continued in such a way to shock the customer enough to snap a photo and share it on Reddit. Besides excusing the restaurant’s poor service, it tried to get people to apply for a job – instead of eating the food off the menu!

The sign said: “Please be patient with us today. There will be a wait. Most of our employees are trash and don’t come to work. Please be nice to the ones that do. There are only a couple of us. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Before the person signed off, they added one more quip to get people to pay attention – and it worked!

“But hey…if you need a job, we are 100 percent hiring, lol…”

Unfortunately, no one knows the true identity of this restaurant. The only person who would have that information would be the person who wrote the sign and the person who snapped a photo of it and posted it to the world via the Reddit forum. Nevertheless, internet users were shocked and appalled that the restaurant manager would air the employees’ dirty laundry like that.

Comments on Reddit included:

“I want to be trash. Where do I sign up?!”

“In a weird way, I totally respect that,” a second person wrote.

“‘Come work for us – we might call you trash if you choose not to work with the general public during a pandemic,’” another commenter joked.

“The ‘lol’ at the end got me,” another person wrote.

Although many people saw the sign as a good time, there were others who thought it showed how bad the restaurant’s manager was.

“If most of your employees aren’t coming to work, it’s probably your management that is trash, and the few that do turn up are just the most desperate.”

Others felt that the sign was a strong indication that this restaurant must be avoided at all costs.

“Yup – I would have read that and walked right back out. The place sounds super toxic,” another person wrote.

“Yeah, if there ever was a sign that said ‘DO NOT APPLY HERE,’ it’s this one. If most of your employees don’t show, there’s probably a really good reason,” someone else commented.

Another Redditor wrote, “As funny as that sign is if I saw that as a customer I’d leave immediately.”

However, one person gave the restaurant some advice that they should not ignore.

“Guys, this is why HR exists!! Most companies don’t invest in good HR. But HR’s job is to keep employees happy, supported, and wanting to stay employed there!”

Another person with decades of restaurant experience saw through the manager’s frustration and thought it was bad form to write the sign.

“My mantra as a manager has always been: Mommy and Daddy DON’T fight in front of the kids. Take. That. S***. To the back. Never air your business on the floor. And if you have an issue with a member of the kitchen staff, take it even farther back. Outside. Take a walk. Because you p*** off a cook, you hurt the day of other servers besides you. Teamwork, Man.”

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