An Atlanta business owner thought long and hard about enforcing a policy that would help ensure the safety of customers and staff. With the coronavirus running rampant in Red states across the American South, this business owner put safety into their own hands by posting a sign on the front of their establishment that declared, “No Vax, No Service” – however, conservatives from the community have not responded well to the sign.

Since the restaurant posted the sign requiring vaccinations, the business has been subject to death threats and other threats of violence. Co-owner of Argosy, Armando Celentano, confirmed in an interview with FOX5 Atlanta that haters began lashing out on social media with death threats and angry messages because the restaurant now requires patrons to show a copy of their CDC vaccination card prior to getting seated at the establishment.

By requiring customers to show proof of vaccination, Argosy guarantees that their staff and customers are enjoying themselves in the safest environment possible in the middle of a global pandemic. Vaccinations have been proven to be effective at reducing how deadly COVID-19 is – with vaccinated people less likely to need hospitalization or other dramatic measures.

“We weren’t setting out to offend anyone. We aren’t by any stretch promoting mandatory vaccinations. We feel very strongly that this is no different from a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy,” he said. “It’s something that public health science shows lowers our chances of contracting and spreading the coronavirus.”

The restaurant decided to enforce its vaccination policy because a number of employees became sick with COVID-19 and the establishment had to temporarily close. By asking everyone to be vaccinated, the business is protecting itself from closure and from financial ruin.

The “controversial” sign posted on the door reads: “For the safety of our staff, guests and community… No Vax, No Service.”

The restaurant also posted a picture of the sign on their Instagram page to promote their decision to require vaccination for customers who want to dine at Argosy.

“Until you are vaccinated, please do not enter our establishment. If you are fully vaccinated, welcome! We are excited to hang out with you.”

Meanwhile, Georgia is struggling to cope with the rising number of coronavirus cases across the state. On August 18, 2021, Georgia announced that they had reached 1,000,000 COVID-19 cases in the state – a terrible milestone for a deadly virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

According to the below video report from FOX 5 Atlanta, “An East Atlanta restaurant says it has a new policy: no shot, no service. The Argosy gastropub on Flat Shoals Road put up a sign in their window warning customers they have to be vaccinated if they want to eat and drink there. The restaurant is asking customers to bring their vaccination card or a photo of it. The restaurant says it instituted the policy after several staff members tested positive a few weeks ago, forcing it to close, and say they can’t afford to shut down again.”

Do you think businesses should require proof of vaccination before serving customers?

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