An assembly-line style outfit in Vietnam collected used condoms, cleaned them, and resold them to eager lovers. These paid workers would clean the used contraceptive devices and then reshape them using wooden dildos. Form there, the factory would repackage the single-use contraceptive and sell them to unsuspecting people in Vietnam. Thankfully, police were able to crack down on this horrific scheme and seize more than 324,000 used condoms that were ready to be resold to buyers.

The underground operation was organized out of a warehouse in South Vietnam in the province of Binh Duong. After an investigation led police to the warehouse, they received an order to raid it on Saturday. When the cops busted down the warehouse doors, they seized hundreds of thousands of condoms. The owner of the warehouse, 32-year-old Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, was arrested for distributing the unsanitary prophylactics to the unassuming general public.

Every month, Ngoc received a shipment of used condoms from a yet unnamed individual or organization. Then, Ngoc would force her workers to clean the disgusting objects. Then another worker would reshape them and repackage them for use.

Ngoc was making a lot of money from selling the refurbished condoms.

Police confiscated the used condoms because they are evidence in the case against Ngoc. However, once the evidence has been logged, the unsanitary items will be disposed of, just like any other sort of dangerous medical waste.

Government officials released a statement about the raid:

“Condoms are classified as medical items, so we will take a look at the several laws that the owner has broken.”

Because the police raided Ngoc on Saturday, there are many details of the case still forthcoming. For example, it is not yet reported how many condoms Ngoc cleaned and resold to the public. However, the shipment of condoms the police confiscated weighed nearly 1,000 pounds.

Local reports indicate that the refurbished condoms would be resold to hotels and markets that frequently supply amorous lovers with the contraceptive devices.

Repots from VN Explorer indicate that the suspect was born and raised in the central province of Nghệ An. However, she moved to Bình Dương to engage in the illicit work of cleaning and reselling used condoms.

While it is possible that Ngoc has performed this service legally, she could not supply documents to prove that. The “unknown source” that supplies her with thousands of condoms every month was not named. She was the one responsible for cleaning, drying, and sorting the used condoms before they were repacked and sold to excited customers.

Perhaps, Ngoc is just a cog in the wheel of crime and not the mastermind behind the operation.

Daily Mail readers were outraged that someone would do this.

“Just the one question. How on earth were these collected? Whosoever did it deserve an award for the best supply chain management.”

“There are some sick, greedy people in the World who clearly don’t care for other people’s safety. This lady claims she does not know who she works for, but I guess she pays herself a good wage!”

One reader used this as a reminder to be grateful.

“If you think your job is bad, remember it could always be worse.”

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