A few months ago, Pastor Nikki Mitchell would have told you that her calling was God. But once she found OnlyFans – the website where people pay cash to see revealing pictures – she realized she had lived the wrong “calling” her entire life. Growing up in a very strict and Baptist home in Orange County, California, she did not know how big the world really was.

Her parents wanted her to become the new leader of the family’s Christian congregation, so they got to work indoctrinating her – until she realized that she was queer. That’s when she quit the church and turned to stripping to pay the bills, coming across her new “calling” as an OnlyFans girl.

During an appearance on This Morning, Mitchell, a mother of three, revealed that her life changed when she came out as bisexual. Because the church did not support the LGBTQ community, she found that she no longer had a place within it. That’s when she returned to her teenage fantasy of taking off her clothes for cold hard cash.

Over her Instagram account, fans can leer at Mitchell’s raunchy photos. And if they want even more revealing pictures from the former Baptist pastor, they can pay her for them on her OnlyFans account. She has about 100,000 followers on Instagram and makes good money selling sexy pictures to her many fans on the pay-for-pleasure service.

“I’d always was part of the church,” she said. “And loved the church and the people and did all I could to fulfill my leadership calling in the church, until I couldn’t fit there. I was queer. My church didn’t accept queer people. I had these desires, and I decided to finally step into the unknown and see where it led me, and it led me here, and I’m very grateful for it.”

Although her church considers her new career “sinful,” Nikki Mitchel doesn’t care. She knows in her heart of hearts that she’s discovered her reason for being.

“What I do is very polarizing,” she said. “People are either a-okay with it, or they’re not okay with it. So at the end of the day, I have to decide what I am called to do and trust that calling with my life and let the chips fall where they may. A lot of people have supported me, but I have lost a lot along the way.”

Mitchell’s husband, John, accepted her bisexuality and has “supported her every step of the way.”

She said, “John is a beautiful soul. I thought I was straight, and it was six or seven years into my marriage, and I knew he would support me.  He was the first person I told. He said it was natural and normal, and he has supported me every step of the way.”

Mitchell looks forward to the day she can share her “calling” with her children.

“I think that when they see my work when they’re older, they’ll laugh and say ‘Mommy someone can do it better than you.’”

What do you think about this pastor turned erotic stripper?

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