Makeup artist Sarah Andres, known as @lashesandlosing on TikTok, has left fans astounded with her jaw-dropping ‘catfish’ beauty transformation, even earning comparisons to the iconic Mariah Carey. In a recent video shared with her 747,700 followers, Sarah showcased her self-taught makeup skills in her at-home studio.

The footage began with Sarah wearing an animal print dressing gown and a casual ponytail. However, with a few expert makeup strokes, every visible pore seemed to vanish, and she emerged looking glamorous in a suave plunge-neck dress, her hair styled just like Mariah Carey’s. Fans were quick to notice the striking resemblance to the award-winning singer, and although it’s uncertain if Sarah intended this, she graciously welcomed the comparison in the comments section.

While many admired Sarah’s talent and stunning transformation, not all comments were kind. One viewer issued a warning, “Scary ain’t it boys? You never know.” This negativity didn’t deter Sarah, who proudly labeled herself a “#catfish” for all her 747.7K followers to see.

The TikToker’s popularity has grown significantly, with a massive 8.4 million likes on the platform. However, some skeptics questioned whether makeup was her only secret, suggesting she might use filters to hide certain features. Nevertheless, Sarah’s supporters came to her defense, dismissing the negative remarks as mere jealousy.

Sarah’s makeup transformations have left her fans mesmerized, using before-and-after frames to showcase the incredible difference makeup can make. Her skills have garnered requests for full makeup tutorials, as many wish to replicate her gorgeous looks.

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Sarah continues to amaze her followers with her makeup artistry. She isn’t the only one showcasing dramatic transformations on TikTok, as a 47-year-old Kansas woman has also captivated audiences with her natural beauty versus glam makeup looks. Known as the ‘Catfish Queen,’ she skillfully uses concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick to achieve astonishingly different appearances.

Sarah Andres’ TikTok journey has proven that makeup is a powerful tool that can enhance and transform one’s appearance. While some may criticize her use of makeup, her loyal fans continue to praise her for her flawless application skills and incredible artistry. As Sarah continues to share her makeup talents, her influence on social media grows, inspiring others to experiment and embrace their own unique beauty.