People seem to be suffering from an epidemic of low self-esteem. Because people in our modern world feel perpetually bad about themselves, they often take their negative feelings out on innocent people. The most common way people do this is by bullying people. Bullying takes many forms and can be seen at all age levels from small children to senior citizens in a nursing home.

Recently a bride and her mother visited a wedding dress store to try and find the dress of their dreams. While they were in the store, they tried on a number of dresses. But when another customer walked into the shop to find the dress of her dreams, the first bride and her mother quickly pulled out their bitch cards. The mother-daughter duo ridiculed the new customer, bullying her relentlessly, all because she was plus-sized. However, the mean mother-daughter duo did not mind if their cruel remarks were heard. That was actually how the whole mess got started.

The daughter said in a loud voice, “I don’t understand how someone like that can marry. I thought whales did not mate.”

The mother loved how her daughter made fun of the plus-size bride. She jumped right in with a hateful remark of her own.

Meanwhile, the victim tried not to cry. At the same time, she was with the owner of the store who was fitting her. When the customer started to run away, the owner told her to wait. Then she went over to the mother and daughter bullies and told them they could not treat other people like that.

“I don’t understand how you think you can get a dress from my store,” the owner told the mean women.

The bride smiled at the owner and shot back the following remark: “Really? Then you’re wrong. In fact, we’re here to pick it up because it has already been paid.”

When the owner asked the mean bride her name, she took out a piece of paper and a pen and then started to write something on the counter.

The bride’s smile went away. She asked the owner what it was that she was writing.

“Oh, this?” the owner said. “It’s just your full refund, honey.”

The bride was aghast. She had only a few days before her wedding. If she didn’t get her dress from this store, her wedding was going to be a flop.

But the owner spoke up before the bride could say anything.

“You can look for another store to buy your wedding dress, because I just voided your order, and I refuse to help you. Now, leave my store before I call the police.”

The mother tried to use her Southern Charm to get the store owner to reconsider.

“We had a special order. How can you void it?”

The owner said, “I voided the order because I don’t want any bride to feel like they don’t deserve to marry because of their weight. Apparently, both of you feel like you are better than others. And there is no place for idiots in my store. I am calling the police, and given the fact that I still have your credit card data, I will charge the damages caused by your daughter to it.”

The mean women left, and the plus-size bride could not have been happier for having the owner stand up for her.

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