President-elect Joe Biden’s brother is in trouble with the Feds. James Biden, the president-elect’s older brother of his two younger brothers, has attracted the attention of federal investigators due to his connection to a bankrupt hospital chain. Now, the FBI wants to know what James Biden’s role in Americore was. The company ran many rural hospitals across the United States, but its CEO cheated the system and has been accused of taking extra cash for himself instead of putting the money into the patients or the hospital system.

News about the FBI’s investigation into James Biden broke on Thursday. The news came the day after Hunter Biden admitted that he was involved in a federal income tax probe under the leadership of the IRS.

Americore was raided by federal agents back in January after it declared bankruptcy. Throughout the course of the FBI’s investigation into the company, the FBI has wanted to know what James Biden’s role in the company really was. Although described as one of the company’s “principal,” he has disputed that title and rejected any involvement in the company’s problems in at least two states.

Republican leaders, including Senator Tom Cotton, believe that the Bidens deserve special prosecutors because they are related to the president-elect. The investigation into Hunter was paused so it would not interfere in the election.

Attorney General Bill Barr believed that it was essential to a fair election to pause the investigation into Hunter.

“The idea is you don’t go after candidates. You don’t indict candidates or perhaps someone that’s sufficiently close to a candidate, that it’s essentially the same, you know, within a certain number of days before an election,” Barr told conservative radio personality, Hugh Hewitt.

Throughout American history, attorneys general have warned that it is important not to take “affirmative steps” against candidates or their families within sixty to ninety days prior to an election. Barr felt that Hunter was “sufficiently close” to Joe Biden, and therefore any investigation into his business dealings needs to be paused until now.

President Trump fired former FBI director James Comey for doing this during the 2016 election. Comey violated the “rule of forbearance” by making accusations against Hillary Clinton days before the election. Although the FBI could prove nothing against Clinton, the allegations made a dent in the election and could have helped Trump defeat her.

Americore’s founder and CEO, Grant White, has been under investigation since January 2019. Court documents accuse White of stealing money from the company for his personal use and of “gross mismanagement,” which the CEO denies.

Biden’s family has been under attack since before he declared his intention to run for the presidency against Trump. Nevertheless, Trump alleged that Hunter Biden was involved in illegal business dealings in Ukraine and other countries. So far, these allegations have not been proven.

“My son, like a lot of people, like a lot of people you know at home, had a drug problem. He’s fixed it. He’s worked on it. And I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my son,” the president-elect said when the president attacked Biden’s sons on national television during the debate.

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