Grieving families in Britain may have more to worry about than their loved ones’ funerals. Now, family members of the recently deceased are coming forward to claim that deaths have been wrongfully claimed to be COVID-19 related when they were not. Now, British politicians are standing behind these family members and are urging an investigation into the top doctors who may have wrongfully declared deaths to be related to COVID-19 when they were not.

Medical experts independent from the situation also suspect and are near “certain” that some of the COVID-19 death numbers have been inflated in the United Kingdom. One British funeral director even called the situation “a national scandal” because it seems that someone may be fudging the COVID-19 numbers. That’s why many people are beginning to question the death toll that has rocked the country.

The story broke after writer Bel Mooney published an article about the death of her father, 99. He suffered from dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When he passed away from these conditions, Mooney claimed that his death was wrongfully reported to have been caused by coronavirus.

Many readers sent Mooney letters claiming that a similar thing happened to their loved one. They wrote how health officials tried to pawn off the elderly people’s deaths as being connected to the coronavirus pandemic rather than natural causes.

Letters reported the following:

“Dear Bel, I am writing to let you know that I had exactly the same experience when my mother sadly passed away.”

“Dear Bel, the same thing happened to my dad.”

“Dear Bel, I had the same problems when my darling wife passed away.”

A liberal British politician, Layla Moran, responded by saying: “The Government should call a public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic immediately with an interim investigation into all COVID deaths that should report as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, conservative politician Paul Bristow added, “Not only has this skewed figures when data has been so important in deciding how we respond to the pandemic, but it has also caused distress and anxiety for relatives. Whether we have received the most appropriate figures should definitely be considered in any future inquiry.”

A funeral director, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Mail: “The way COVID has been recorded and reported is a national scandal, and a thorough inquiry should be opened immediately.”

Britain is now dealing with the fallout of this apparent scandal as it tries to come to grips with the possibly inflated COVID-19 death toll. Nevertheless, the coronavirus remains a deadly threat to all people, which is why it is essential to protect yourself by getting the vaccine as soon as you are able.

A British Department of Health spokesman said: “We are confident the death statistics are robust and provide an accurate picture of those who have sadly died from the virus. The guidance to doctors completing a medical certificate of cause of death explains they are expected to state the cause of death to the best of their medical knowledge and belief.”

Do you think Great Britain has inflated its coronavirus death numbers?

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