The Fourth of July party would be the last time anyone would ever see 27-year-old Natalie Jones alive. Although no one would know it, the Georgia mom of two suddenly went missing this summer. Now, Jones has been found in the middle of nowhere dead inside her 2002 pink Chevrolet Cavalier. The mom from Corinth, Georgia, traveled across state lines during a global pandemic to celebrate Independence Day with a large group of people in Jacksons’ Gap, Alabama – only to never make it back home alive.

On Tuesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation finally made a breakthrough in this missing person case. They tracked down Jones’s 2002 Chevy and found that it had a dead body inside. The car was located in a remote wooded area in Heard County. The investigators worked with Jones’s family and were able to confirm that the body was indeed hers.

Georgia officials have not publicly confirmed that the corpse belonged to Jones. They are still waiting for the official results from the autopsy. However, Jones’s mother told the news media that law enforcement agents told her that the body belonged to her daughter.

“I lost it, I really did,” Elaine Gordon told WSB-TV, describing the moment she learned the tragic news. “I started screaming. I started hitting the mattress. I put a hole in the wall”

Physical evidence suggests that the woman’s car – and the decomposing corpse – were kept in the woods near Roosterville, Georgia, since the time of her disappearance back in July. This contradicts the fake news rumors that were circulating online throughout Jones’s network, which claimed that she had made it back home after the Alabama party.

Vegetation as high as eight feet had grown up around the car. It also crept through the car’s bumper and into the tires. Clearly, the car had been stuck in the woods throughout the entirety of the vivacious Georgia summer.

“Who is the world would try to move a car that they have hidden for three months?” the sheriff wondered. “If they had moved it, they would have had to have a helicopter to set it in there, and to put bushes around it. Clearly, that was just not the case.”

The Sheriff shared his conspiracy theory to make it clear just how ridiculous it sounded. Clearly, the rumors that were flowing online were false.

Police are treating the area as a crime scene. However, they did not find any evidence that suggested there was foul play. Why then was this mother dead in the middle of the woods after a party?

Jones’s mother believes something sinister happened. Jones was locked in the middle of a tense custody battle at the time of her disappearance. She also discounted the police’s opinion that the car was in the woods since July.

“I know we had ten cars out and every one of them passed that spot where her car was found,” Gordon said.

Before her disappearance, Jones allegedly sent a text message to a friend claiming that she made it home, writing: “I made it, thanks.”

However, the cell tower tracked the message “in the opposite end of the county from her home.” Could Gordon be right about the murder plot from Jones’s ex-partner?

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