I think most of his can agree that pennies are pretty much useless. While they’re great at making exact change – which has come in useful during the national coin shortage – pennies, otherwise, are not worth their weight in metal. Nevertheless, creative crafters and DIYers have created solutions out of pennies that you’re going to want to listen to – like how one mom swears that gluing pennies to her kids’ shoes solves lots of the problems they used to face.

So what exactly is the purpose of putting pennies on the bottom of shoes? Well, this mom revealed that the trick allowed her children to experience tap shoes without mom having to shell out money to buy expensive pairs at the store. Because her children did not know if they really wanted to pursue tap-dancing or not, the makeshift shoes were a great way for them to give it a try. And it was a good thing mom did it this way because the kids did not fall in love with tap-dancing like they thought they would.

But there are other uses for pennies around the house – like using them to redecorate your floors. Instead of spending good money on tiles for your floor, you can put your extra pennies to good use as the decoration themselves. In the image, you can see that the DIYer created a pattern with pennies using ones with lighter and darker shades. The effect is mesmerizing! Don’t you think so?

The same trick can be done for a tabletop. You can take an old piece of furniture and spruce it up with a bunch of pennies. Just line up the currency along the top and then cover it with an epoxy mix. The plastic will harden and keep the pennies in place – and the piece of furniture will forever be a great conversation starter.

Are you chronically worried that your vehicle’s tires are not up to snuff? Grab a penny and give them a quick check. You can measure the tread of your tires with a penny. So long as Abe Lincoln’s face is still visible when you insert a penny between the treads, your tires still have some life in them.

Curtains can have a life of their own. That’s why many homeowners resort to curtain weights to keep those lengths of fabric in place. You can create your own at home with pennies and some paper clips. Just attach the pennies to the ends of the clips, and you’ll have a nifty device to make your curtains always look the way you’ve dreamed.

And if you’re feeling especially crafty, try making a homemade coin battery for your remote and other small electronics. Not only will you feel accomplished when you succeed, but you’ll be able to save money on batteries, which are getting pretty expensive these days – in my opinion.

Watch the video below to see how you can make your own coin battery.

Which one of these DIY projects with pennies stood out to you?

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