After social media got its hands on the image of one mother taking her kids out in the negative 9-degree winter weather. Mom might not have had a choice about taking her kids out in the cold. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. But one sharp shopper saw her doing what she was doing. And it was atrocious how she had taken all the coats for herself. That’s right. While mom was out in the subzero temperatures wrapped in warm coats, while her children suffered to endure the freezing cold.

Her children had on nothing but t-shirts and pants. They were uncomfortable while mom was layered in lavish coats.

The video of the warm mom and her cold kids went viral after someone took footage of her and posted it on the Valley News Live Facebook page. And people around the country were outraged.

The woman was in North Dakota. And she was not protecting her kid like most people thought she should.

The video was posted with the following caption:

“ND Woman seen leaving children in a shopping cart without coats and shoes. We are told the Williston police department have identified the woman and children involved.”

When you watch the shocking footage, you’ll see the woman putting her freezing kids into the cart. The parking lot is covered in snow, and the children are visibly cold. One of the children is rubbing his hands together to stay warm while his mother enjoys the heat inside her coat.

While some of the children had on a thin sweater, others were in nothing but a t-shirt. And with the North Dakota temperatures as low as they have been, these children were in danger.

The sight of this mom neglecting the needs of her children drew attention from other people in the parking lot. The person behind the camera was stunned that the children were not in coats with the cold temperatures striking the area.

The woman who shared the video, Holly Renee Uranker, said how she witnessed the children shaking from the cold. And she was not wrong! The National Weather Service said that the children were out in the negative 9-degree weather. And without coats!

They could have gotten severe frostbite in as few as 30 minutes if mom had not taken them to the store, or if she decided they didn’t need heat in the car.

Viewers of the footage were angry and heartbroken. The following were some thoughts.

“It seemed the second child was giving her issues about getting out of the car. We are told that our kids shouldn’t have their winter coats on in their car seats anymore because the straps don’t fit comfortably or safely. Shame on everyone for bashing this momma based on 12 seconds of parenting. Maybe the store is 20 feet away. Maybe one of the children vomited all over their coats and shoes.”

This mom makes a good point. We never know another person’s situation. But it is good to have people in the community looking out for the kids.

The police have identified the woman. It is unclear if her children have been removed from her custody or not.

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