On McDonald’s workers has become TikTok famous for serving American customers “half-eaten” and “ruined” food. Although the worker has been called the “worst employee ever,” he has earned a lot of followers on the Chinese-created social media app because he gives customers poor quality food whenever they come into his McDonald’s location. The identity of the worker remains anonymous; however, he is believed to be located in the United States and is posting content to TikTok through his account, which has the alias @mikky.d0.

Since the McDonald’s worker began posting disturbing videos in February, he has received more than three million views on his content. The videos feature the McDonald’s worker and his colleagues tampering with food while serving it to paying customers at an unknown location.

One popular video, which has more than 1.8 million views, shows the worker serving up a Bacon McDouble. The bottom patty of the sandwich was missing a chunk when the worker took a bite. The disgusting video was captioned, “we got a little hungry.”

Another video shows the worker flooding a sandwich with tartar sauce because the customer asked for “extra” sauce. There’s also another video showing the worker pulling a handful of pickles out of the container and dumping them onto a burger. It seems that this worker finds it funny to give patrons more than what they are asking for while customizing their orders.

The video of the Bacon McDouble with the chunk of meat missing shocked viewers across the world. Comments streamed in on the TikTok channel and included things like “you need to be jailed if that’s real” and “not in a pandemic WHAT.”

“In a pandemic, you are getting fired 100 percent.”

Another person said: “This man is the worst employee I’ve ever seen.”

“People getting real bold forgetting the girl that licked ice cream in Tesco got four years in jail.”

Although TikTok users are disgusted by the user’s videos, he claims that he would never get in trouble for filming these clips because they are just a “joke.”

One commenter said: “Why do y’all gotta make others ppl day s***ty.”

Another wrote: “That’s just mad disrespectful and would be p***ed if someone did that to u[sic].”

Every clip uploaded to this controversial TikTok account seems to outrage members of the public.

“Are the ice cream machines actually broken?” one person asked. The TikTok famous McDonald’s worker then showed another clip of the ice cream machine while it was working and wrote: “It works, we just don’t like making them.”

Another clip showed off the McDonald’s “fake eggs” that are used in the breakfast sandwiches. Viewers were appalled that McDonald’s does not use real ingredients in their sandwiches. The clip featured the anonymous worker walking into a walk-in fridge to show off the vacuum-sealed eggs that are ready to be heated up for breakfast orders.

A UK spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “To be clear, this video is not from the UK & Ireland market but rather seems to be from the US.”

McDonald’s US confirmed they were “actively investigating” the content and are looking to identify the prankster.

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