One thing that is always disquieting is finding a giant arachnid in the house. Unless the creature is a beloved pet – like a tarantula in a terrarium – the presence of a spider can be alarming. In America, people have to worry about a lot of dangerous spiders. But in Australia, the danger is escalated to a whole new level – as you will in this alarming story about the moment when a man caught a giant spider carrying a mouse up the side of a fridge.

If you have to go back and read that sentence again, I can’t blame you. Who wants to think about a giant spider, let alone one carrying a mouse up into its den? The man who discovered the shocking incident was named Jason. He was inside his neighbor’s house – thankfully, the giant spider was not living in his own abode – when he saw the alarming incident unfolding. He managed to capture the spider on video and later shared the life-changing footage to the internet for all to “enjoy.”

Jason did not know why the neighbor had called him over to the house. All that was said that the neighbor wanted Jason to look at something out of the ordinary. Cool was the word the neighbor used to describe what was happening.

Because Jason is a curious sort of guy, he went into the house to follow up with the neighbor’s request. That’s when he saw the giant spider climbing up the side of the fridge – with a goddam mouse trapped in its jaws.

This was something Jason never expected to see in his lifetime. How the hell did a spider – an arachnid without any bones – have the strength to carry a mammal – a mouse – up the side of a vertical surface? It should have been utterly impossible. Somehow the beast managed to do it.

As fate would have it, the spider was dragging the mouse to its den where it would consume its flesh for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the same the next day. The mouse would provide the spider with plenty of food and would probably be instrumental in helping the spider in Jason’s neighbor’s house reproduce and make lots of baby giant spiders.

When Jason posted the video to the internet, people could not hold back their horror.

“Oh, hell, no!” one wrote.

Another added, “For those afraid of mice and spiders, which one is worse?”

“This made my skin crawl,” one viewer said.

Because his clip got so much attention, Jason followed up with an update. He said that he and his neighbor had fallen for the giant spider and even named the huntsman spider, Hermie.

“We have adopted him, and he is now running his own extermination business out of our town Coppabella. Oh, he is also now paying rent.”

While some huntsman spiders can be only an inch long, the giant huntsman can be as large as a dinner plate.

This footage has gone viral and shocked people across the globe.

What do you think about this giant spider carrying a mouse up the side of a refrigerator?

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