Mama June, the mother who rode the coattails of her daughter Honey Boo Boo to fame, has been going through a rough patch recently. A few months ago, Mama June was caught possessing crack and now might go to jail for a long time. As she awaits trial, she desperately needs money to make ends meet. That’s why she sold her infamously dilapidated Georgia home at the best price she could get, which was only about $100,000.

Although Mama June could hardly get any value out of the home, the new owners knew what they were doing. Because they were business-minded, they renovated the crappy property and recently put it back on the market, listing it for a whopping $225,000. If Mama June knew a thing or two about real estate, she could have turned a pretty profit, since she bought the house years ago for just $156,000.

Mama June, 41, sold the beat-down five-bedroom home to real estate investors and savvy professionals Felicia Harrell and Keller Williams Atlanta Partner in August. She parted with the home for six figures while they got to work and immediately turned the place around and listed it back on the hot real estate market for more than twice what they paid Mama June for it. The property is 3,225-square feet.

Although Mama June lost money on her home, she needed the cash immediately because her life is falling apart. Back in 2014, she supposedly purchased the home for $156,000. But since she never took care of the property, using it to fuel her addiction to crack and other bad habits, the place fell into poor condition and lost a lot of its value.

Since the investors were able to take the ugly house off Mama June’s hands for $100,000 cash, she accepted the deal. This proved to be good for her since she really needed money now that lawyers are asking for upfront cash to defend her and her boyfriend Geno Daok following their crack possession charge.

The investors made quick work of the home. Within a month, they cleaned it up and were able to flip it back onto the market with a list price of $225,000. If Mama June had shown some initiative, she could have done the same and made a lot more money from the Atlanta home instead of taking a massive loss of more than $50,000.

TMZ obtained photos of the home, showing that it is now in clean, pristine condition. Because the investors did the property right, they managed to get it into great condition, which was exactly what it needed to be in in order to seize the opportunities available in the hot Atlanta real estate market.

While it is unlikely Mama June is still living in the home, the possibility exists. Only a few weeks ago, the crack cocaine den was home to dumpsters and piles of stinking trash. Now that investor Felicia Harrell and the Keller Williams Atlanta Partners have had their way with it, the reality star’s former home looks like a Georgia paradise.

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