“My Girl” by Elvie Shane is just one of those songs. The hit has touched the hearts of fans across the country because of its wide-reaching appeal and intimate message. Stepmom Ashley Romano may not look like her stepdaughter, Aubree, but she loves her like she were her own daughter, and the little girl knows it. While recording a video for the Chinese-created social media video platform TikTok, Ashley caught her tender-hearted stepdaughter breaking down in tears while listening to Shane’s song – and now people around the globe from Shanghai to Cheyenne are tuning into Ashley and Aubree’s sweet moment together as a family.

Some background on the viral video. Ashley wanted to catch Aubree’s reaction to the song. That’s why she was recording when it started playing. However, mom did not expect Aubree to tear up as she realized how the song was touching her heart. It was saying what she was feeling for her stepmom, and the emotion of the moment overwhelmed her and made her cry.

Ashley’s immediate reaction to seeing her stepdaughter tear up proves that she’s a good mom. Instantly, she leans over and draws Aubree closer in an embrace.

To clarify things and reduce confusion from people who didn’t know her or her stepdaughter, Ashley posted some more background about the pair and their relationship: “Aubree still has her biological mom! She is blessed with two. Yes, we all get along. We all love her.”

The video reached enough people so that the girl’s mother, Stevie Noel Cruz, decided to come forward and let people know that Ashley was indeed as good of a stepmom as she seems in the clip.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to become my daughter’s stepmom! Now she has two strong women who love and protect her!” wrote her biological mother.

Millions saw the clip. Hundreds of thousands have reacted to it in some way. Many by liking it and sharing it with their friends. Others have commented on the video and engaged with Ashley asking her questions and generally appreciating the sweet moment between the two of them that they had in the car one day.

“The fact she understood the weight of those lyrics. What a sweet and smart girl!”

“Thank you for making me cry so early in the morning.”

“This was incredible. I watched this on Facebook. This is just beautiful to know how to make people cry. Haha. God bless you guys.”

“My stepmom was horrible, so thank you for being one of the good ones.”

“Your whole comment section is crying.”

“This girl over here is just trying to enjoy her breakfast, and you had to make her feel all the feels.”

“The world definitely needs more stepmoms like you.”

“Keep up the good work. We need more women like you.”

Others simply delighted in the moment of joy and felt compelled to share it with friends and loved ones.

“My husband asked what was wrong, and now he’s crying, too.”

What’s your reaction to this heartfelt moment?

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