One day after 78-year-old actor Gary Busey was accused of sexual assault, he was photographed in a public park in Malibu with his pants down and his hand gripping his crotch. The actor has a strained look on his face as he navigates the area below his abdomen, which is exposed to anyone who happens to be in the public park playing with their children or walking their dog, or simply enjoying a beautiful summer day in Southern California.

After social media exploded with images of Busey in public with his pants down, the actor’s representation tried to mitigate the damage to his reputation. However, sexual harassment allegations had been made against the actor one day prior to his incident of public nudity. He allegedly groped multiple women during a meet-and-greet in New Jersey at a horror movie convention.

In response to the image of Busey with his pants down in public, the actor’s spokesman said that Busey had his pants down to his ankles because he was relieving himself in the public park, which in itself is a minor crime.

“Gary often sits on the bench in front of his home to meditate and look at the ocean,” said a spokesperson for Busey on Tuesday. They also told Page Six: “Our only guess is that perhaps at his age, he realized he couldn’t get to the bathroom in time which explains what happened in the video of him on the bench.”

Busey was once at the top of the acting world when he was nominated for the Oscar for best actor for his role in The Buddy Holly Story, which was released in 1978.

The day before the image of Busey surfaced with his pants down around his ankles, he was charged with four counts of sexual contact and harassment after multiple women all accused the famous actor of touching them in a sexual way during the New Jersey horror movie convention.

Busey’s behavior has never been the same after he suffered a near-fatal motorcycle crash in 1988. He did not seem to be aware that he was in public when he dropped his pants and began fondling himself around the crotch area.

The actor was photographed exposing himself on Saturday afternoon in Point Dume Park in Malibu, California.

Busey’s representative claimed that the actor was on private property but was in full view of the public. He had his pants down and was wearing a T-shirt promoting the 1991 hit film Point Break, in which he had a supporting role as an actor.

While Busey gripped himself in public, he looked around to make sure no one noticed him with his pants down. After he was finished doing whatever it was, he was doing. He remained on the bench. He lit a cigar and smoked it while looking out at the ocean for about thirty more minutes. He then went back to his car and left.

According to Daily Mail, Busey faces two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact, and one count of harassment for his behavior at the New Jersey film convention.