What’s the largest organ in our body? If you’re talking about inside the body, it’s the liver – but if you’re talking about the whole body, then the largest organ is the skin. Our skin is very adaptable. It can recover from cuts and burns and even extensive surgery like an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The skin protects our bodies from the world around us and objects that could hurt us – but it also needs our tender love and cares for it to thrive like it was meant to.

You should always consult a dermatologist or pharmacist when you’re dealing with a chronic skin condition. Don’t ignore rashes and growths that hurt or seem out of the ordinary. But if the skin issue you’re facing is something minor like an unsightly mole or skin tag, you might be able to avoid the trip to the medical clinic. With some common ingredients in your pantry or medicine cabinet, you can get to work, making your skin look clearer. So let’s get started!

Apple cider vinegar

ACV or apple cider vinegar remains one of the best ingredients when it comes to skin issues. You can use ACV to treat warts as well as remove skin tags. It really is quite a miraculous liquid. Just mix two parts of ACV with one part of water. For skin tags, dab the substance onto the unwanted skin issue twice per day for three weeks. For warts, soak a cotton ball and press it onto the wart. Leave it on for four hours for maximum effect. You can apply the remedy twice in a row.


Garlic is good for millions of things. I’m only going to talk about how garlic can rid your body of warts. Maybe that’s the reason witches don’t like garlic? Or was it vampires? Anyway, turn garlic cloves into a paste by crushing one and adding a few drops of water. Apply the garlic paste to the wart and cover the area with a bandage. Leave it in place overnight and reapply the treatment every day for four weeks.

Banana peels

I can’t think of one person who doesn’t toss banana peels in the trash or compost bin. But it actually can help fight HPV. Rub the inside the peel on the wart or sore. The remedy must be performed once per day until the HPV symptoms cease. The same treatment supposedly works to reduce skin tags, too.

Orange peel

Another wart remover, orange peels have strong acids that can make your wart simply fall off. Rub the peel on the wart every day for two weeks. Each treatment should make the wart darker and darker until it falls off.

Castor oil

Known in some circles as miracle oil, this DIY remedy can treat unwanted skin tags, moles, and warts. Apply the oil every day and watch the unwanted growth dissolve away into nothing or fall off.

Tea tree oil

Personally, I love this first-aid item. Make sure you dilute it before using it directly on your warts. Use one part tea tree oil and twelve parts castor oil an apply four drops to the wart and leave for fifteen minutes. Repeat this thrice daily. For skin tags, apply undiluted tea tree oil to the skin tag and leave for fifteen minutes. Repeat until the skin tag falls off.

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