The Russian-American model popularly known as Anne V. (her last name is a tongue twister at Vyalitsyna) has been exposed for scamming the American government out of tens of thousands of dollars. Despite living in a $2.9 million apartment in Manhattan in addition to her $2.6 million in savings. You might remember this supermodel from the cover of Sports Illustrated about a decade ago – but now she wants to keep receiving unemployment benefits from the United States government.

Now, Anne V. is after more money. She has filed a claim in the Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that her former fiancé owes her $8,500 per month in child support payments because her income took a turn for the worst during the economic collapse that occurred during the pandemic under former President Trump.

According to court documents, the 35-year-old former supermodel went from earning $431,000 in 2019 to just $77,687 in 2020 because the fashion industry was put on hold during the pandemic. About a third of her 2020 income – for a total of $26,000 – was from unemployment benefits from the United States government. However, she continued to sit on a massive stash of savings worth $2.6 million – as well as continue to own her $2.9 million property in the heart of the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

“While I had a total of 17 paying jobs in 2020, half of them did not pay. In the last six months, I have had only six jobs — working two times a month at most,” she said in court filings.

Because Anne V. got used to living a luxurious lifestyle, her monthly expenses are quite high. Her court filing listed her expenses as $40,284 per month, which includes $6,815 for housing. She also shovels out nearly $5,000 every month to cover her daughter’s tuition at Avenues: The World School, which is located in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, which is close to the supermodel’s apartment in the West Village.

Now, Anne V. wants her daughter’s father, the former Yahoo senior vice-president Adam Cahan, to pay more money in child support. She claims that the father has ignored her requests for child support. The supermodel claims that she needs payments from the father of her daughter so she can afford to hire a nanny, which would allow her to return to work.

“I must work, and I cannot do so without the assistance of a nanny,” she said in filings.

Anne V. and Cahan had their daughter in 2015 and announced their engagement the following year. However, their relationship did not last and ended on poor terms.

In the court filings, the supermodel had to come clean about her massive assets. She mentioned her West Village property as well as the large savings account. However, her wealth is tiny compared to Cahan’s, who earned about $25 million during his six years at Yahoo.

Anne V. appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated for ten years in a row from 2005 to 2014.

What do you think about this supermodel needing unemployment benefits during the pandemic? Should millionaires be able to claim unemployment benefits during the pandemic?

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