Fifty-five-year-old Mary did not want her daughter to miss out on a graduation ceremony because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why the sexy mother decided to throw a big bash and give the girl a gift that she’d be grateful for the rest of her life. In front of their family and friends at the graduation party, Mary spoke about how Brittani, her daughter, has shed more than one hundred pounds after undergoing an operation for a gastric sleeve and that she would be granting Brittani the gift of a tummy tuck to get rid of “a lot of loose skin.”

The teenage graduate could not have been more embarrassed by her mother’s speech. Because weight loss is a sensitive topic, the girl did not like how her mother decided to bring it up in front of all the family members and friends attending the graduation bash. And then to have her mother shove a plastic surgery operation onto her without asking first made things even more bizarre for the young graduate.

Brittani finished school to become a corrections officer, so Mary wanted to give her the gift of sexiness. A tummy tuck would help Brittani get rid of the loose skin in her belly from the massive weight loss she underwent following the gastric sleeve surgery.

“I want everybody to know that Brittany had the gastric sleeve done about a year and a half ago, and she’s taken off almost 100 pounds,” the proud-to-be-sexy mom said amid riotous applause in honor of Brittani’s numerous accomplishments.

“Brittani’s wanted a tummy tuck because she’s lost so much weight that she has a lot of loose skin around her tummy,” the oblivious mother added. “I want everybody to know that I’m going to be paying for your tummy tuck that you’ve been wanting. We’re going to go see the doctor, and we’re going to schedule her surgery. So that’s my gift to you.”

Although Brittani may have wanted the tummy tuck operation, she did not want her mother to talk about it in front of all her friends and family members. Guests at the graduation party look flabbergasted that Mary was obtuse enough to mention this gift in her speech.

Friends of Brittani were stunned and embarrassed for the graduate.

“I can’t believe she actually said that,” Brittani’s friend Chris said.

“If my mom made an announcement like that, I would be a little embarrassed if I didn’t know about it,” her pal Anastasia noted.

Dawn, a friend of Mary’s, admitted to being “shocked” that the hot mom would make such an announcement in a public setting.

“It’s Mary. Mary’s a big sponsor for plastic surgery,” Dawn said.

After Mary finished her speech, Brittani took the microphone and called her mother her “best friend” and “soulmate,” so it didn’t seem the announcement was too embarrassing for her.

“No, it was not embarrassing because I have been through a lot,” the teen said in her testimonial. “I’m a survivor, and for me to go through what I’ve been through, like bullying and body image issues, look at me now. It makes me who I am today. I’m so excited for my tummy-tuck. You have no idea. Because when then happens and I start to heal, I can finally be someone I’ve always wanted to be.”

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