Professional eating was at the forefront of the American conversation about a decade ago. But now, competitive eater Joey Chestnut hopes to bring back the passion for the sport. In a gut-wrenching video, Chestnut proves that he is one of the best eaters in the world when he scarfs down a shocking thirty-two McDonald’s Big Mac sandwiches in under forty minutes, consuming a stunning 18,000 calories in that short span of time.

If you’ve ever followed the competitive arena of eating contests, then you might recognize Joey Chestnut’s name. That’s because he is the twelve-time champion of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. But now he has moved beyond just devouring hot dogs to consuming McDonald’s hamburgers as well. Chestnut, who is thirty-six-years-old, proved that he could eat a lot of almost anything when he uploaded the video included at the bottom on March 5, 2020, where he consumed an alarming number of McDonald’s Big Mac sandwiches in a short period of time.

In the video, Chestnut proved that he could eat thirty-two sandwiches from the popular fast-food restaurant in just thirty-eight minutes and fifteen seconds. In the video description, the competitive eater admitted that doing this challenge was a childhood dream come true.

“Since (I was) a kid, I’ve dreamt about eating as many Big Macs as I could.”

That’s why he figured it was high time for him to order as many Big Macs as he could stack into a pyramid and try to consume them like there was no tomorrow.

Chestnut figured that if he was going to eat as many Big Macs as he could stomach, he might as well try to go for the record. To his knowledge, the person who ate the most Big Macs in one sitting before his attempt consumed thirty of the sandwiches. That’s a lot – as anyone who has eaten a single Big Mac knows.

Joey Chestnut ordered thirty-two Big Macs for a total of $127.65, adding a $25 tip for the delivery driver. He stacked each sandwich neatly in a pyramid and prepared himself to take on the eating record.

When he saw the entire stack, he admitted that it was “intimidating” and “awesome,” and that he was going to go for it.

“I’m just going to find my rhythm and enjoy it,” he said.

Without much more delay, he started eating the Big Macs. In less than twenty-five seconds, he finished his first Big Mac. From that point on, he kept on going, pushing himself to eat as many of the popular sandwiches as he could in as little time as possible.

By the time he ate his twenty-fifth Big Mac, he had admitted he had hit the wall, and it was getting “tough.” His face was covered in sweat, and he was struggling.

On the final burgers, he removed the lettuce, eating it by itself with a fork. When he finished the thirty-second, Big Mac, he knew he was the new record holder.

“I’m still amazed at how good the Big Macs tasted. It’s so much easier to eat a food that you’re familiar with, and your body just already knows.”

What do you think about his Big Mic accomplishment?

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