Ghislaine Maxwell does not like being on trial. The 59-year-old British woman who helped Jeffrey Epstein groom victims for child rape and molestation has been held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since her arrest. Now, the socialite hopes to gain more freedoms after her legal team filed a motion filled with complaints hoping to gain her access to her laptop on holidays and weekends.

According to Maxwell’s legal team, she needs the laptop so she can review legal documents for her upcoming trial. Because the computers at the jail are “very slow” and Maxwell has lots of documents to review given the ample evidence against her, she wants to be as prepared as possible by getting unprecedented access to resources.

Attorney Bobbi Sternheim wants to get Maxwell more access to computers. Although she currently can use her laptop on the weekends, Sternheim wants to give the suspected child sex trafficking ring leader even more access by stripping back the restrictions put in place against her.

In addition to the slow computers at the Brooklyn facility, Maxwell’s attorneys have claimed that prison guards have “psychologically and physically abused” Maxwell during her time in the jail and that her complaints about this mistreatment have been with “reprisals” only.

Sternheim has represented death row inmates in the past. He currently represents Maxwell and is fighting to gain the suspected sex trafficking guru better resources while in jail.

“In addition, the power of the central processing unit of the MDC computer is very slow. Uploading videos can take up to a half-hour, time that cannot be used to review other documents,” the letter from her lawyer stated. “Hard drives provided by the government have been mishandled by MDC staff (dropped on the floor and slammed on a cart), causing them to become degraded and unstable and to randomly shut down. The time, resources, and funds expended on problems caused by the electronic discovery and the computers is unnecessary, wasteful, and frustrating.”

Maxwell was arrested on sex trafficking charges back in July 2020. She has remained in jail due to the possibility that she could try to flee punishment.

Although she pleaded not guilty to trafficking three teenage girls, including one who was just fourteen-years-old, the crimes against her are very serious. Maxwell stands accused of finding children for Epstein to sexually molest and abuse. Maxwell will stand trial for bringing three victims to Epstein from 1994 to 1997 – and even joined in with the abuse of the children along with the deceased billionaire.

Since the beginning of her stay in the Brooklyn jail, Maxwell has used her legal team to fight for better conditions.

“Other than calls with family or communication with counsel, Ms. Maxwell has no human contact except with guards who wield power over her, overmanage her, and have psychologically and physically abused her,” the attorney wrote. “And complaints regarding mistreatment by guards have led to reprisals against Ms. Maxwell.”

Do you think Epstein’s partner in crime should be given everything she wants while in jail?

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