Divorce can put anyone in the gutter. It’s a physically and emotionally exhausting process that can add years to a person’s appearance. 48-year-old Heather from Amarillo, Texas, knew that her recent divorce had done a number on her. Not only had she stopped taking care of herself as much as she knew she should, but she also stopped caring about how she looked and how she appeared to the world every time she stepped out of her home for the day.

Although divorce is pretty common in many marriages, it affects every person differently. Sometimes both people in the relationship decide that divorce is the best thing to do, and so they amicably split ties and lead their own lives. But more often than not, divorce is an ugly and tiring process that drains both people of all their mental and physical energy. It can lead to weight gain from all the stress.

Heather admitted that divorce took its toll on her body and the way she looked. She confessed that “Eventually, I just kind of gave up for a while.”

Because she was finally ready for a change, Heather sought out a makeover artist who would be able to take her from shabby to chic in one session in the salon chair. Thankfully, she found The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, who resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and she booked an appointment with him.

Although Hopkins is the owner of his shop, the Christopher Hopkins Image Center, which is not a national chain, he attracts clients from all over the country because of his skill. He’s famous for being able to transform each person who sits in his chair – taking them from zero to hero in one session. For the case of Heather, he vowed he’d turn her back into a heroine as she deserved.

Christopher wanted to know what Heather was looking for in her makeover. She was at a loss for words and simply told him that she didn’t want to seem “ugly” anymore after working with him. Upon hearing that, he was optimistic because no one who sits in The Makeover Guy’s chair leaves it looking ugly.

When Christopher was done with her, Heather was delighted with the change.

“I really wanted Christopher to do whatever he thought was best, and I think he kind of nailed it,” Heather said. “I feel sexy!”

On YouTube, hundreds of people left comments about how good Heather looked after her makeover with Christopher Hopkins.

“I knew this was going to be a good one!  She was so pretty, to begin with!”

“Oh yeah! I hope the ex will look at her and say, what the hell was I thinking when I divorced her.”

“She reminds me of Belinda Carlyle from back in the day. She has such a great face shape!”

“Christopher, I’ve watched dozens of your makeovers, and I am just left speechless. You work miracles! Kudos!”

“Sexy is exactly the word that came to mind when I saw your reveal. The hair color and style adds so much youth and beauty to your look. Enjoy it, and don’t look back.”

What do you think about her new look?

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