Now that TikTok has become the place for people to unearth the latest beauty and wellness trends, the Chinese-created social media platform has been flooded with recipe videos and weight loss how-to clips. Now, TikTok users are turning to the platform to promote the latest wellness trend that allegedly helps clear up skin and make people appear as beautiful as can be.

The magic ingredient is chlorophyll, which is the harm-free chemical that gives plants their green color and helps them transmute energy from sunlight. Fortunately, this TikTok trend will not hurt anyone – unlike many of the challenges that are going around the platform like a virus. Chlorophyll does not hurt people when consumed and can do a lot of good for the human body, as trending TikTok users claim.

In one TikTok video, user Snaillyyyyy claims that she drank chlorophyll for five days straight. Now, she claims that the “magic” ingredient has helped even out her skin tone, which was interrupted by hyperpigmentation.

“My skin is so clear. It’s been three days,” one person wrote in response.

For those who do not know, chlorophyll is the green pigment present in plants. If it were not for chlorophyll, photosynthesis would not occur. This is the process in which plants turn sunlight into energy. Chlorophyll is the chemical that actually absorbs the energy from the sunlight and then helps transform it into carbon dioxide and carbohydrates, which the plant uses to grow and remain strong.

Chlorophyll is not a new dietary supplement. However, it has recently become popular on TikTok and is reaching a new, younger generation of people for the first time. When consumed as a dietary supplement, chlorophyll has been known to result in health benefits like detoxifying the blood, supporting the immune system, and cleaning your intestines, and reducing body odor. These benefits can be quite great for people struggling with certain issues like excessive body odor.

Chlorophyll is also recognized for helping reduce the risk of cancer and also for having anti-fungal properties.

Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist, turned to TikTok to praise chlorophyll and its many health benefits. Most people are taking chlorophyll as a compound suspended in water, which is actually called chlorophyllin.

“Chlorophyllin can protect free radical damage from occurring in your mitochondria. And actually, our skin needs healthy mitochondria,” Dr. Bowe said. “So if you’re not going to sit down with a bowl of spinach, you might benefit from drinking some chlorophyll water.”

However, not everyone is happy with the results. One TikTok user, KaylaJean.H, complained that she had not seen any results despite using the supplement for three days.

“I haven’t really noticed any difference except my pee is green,” she said.

Nevertheless, user Snaillyyyyy has proclaimed chlorophyll to be amazing. In her viral video, which has more than ten million views, the young TikToker shows off her skin after drinking mugs of chlorophyllin for several days in a row. By day five, she claims her skin is more vibrant and luscious.

Will you try adding chlorophyll to your diet?

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