While Donald Trump Jr. was out in Mongolia shooting endangered argali sheep, he lived it up and now wants to slip the $75,000 bill to the American taxpayer. Although it is very common for presidents to use taxpayer money to fund their vacations, it is not as common for the adult children of presidents to use their father’s access to taxpayer money to take a hunting trip to blow off some steam and send an endangered species one bullet closer to the brink of extinction.

The trip to Mongolia in Asia included both Donald Trump Jr. and his son. It was a father-son trip that cost taxpayers $75,000. The trip happened in August last year while Don Jr.’s father was getting embroiled in his impeachment scandal just a few weeks before Trump was accused of strong-arming the president of Ukraine to do his bidding to interfere in the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden.

Since Don Jr. used taxpayer funds to take a trip to far-away Mongolia to hunt endangered species, the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has published the report about the expensive trip, and every dollar Don Jr. used from the taxpayer coffer to fund his $76,859 trip.

CREW originally wanted to know how much it costs for Secret Service to be on the trip. Taxpayers paid at least $17,000 for Don Jr.’s personal guard while he was hunting endangered sheep in the Asian nation. Although Don Jr.’s original estimate was about $17,000, the real cost of the trip was more than $60,000 higher than originally thought, which means that the taxpayers have to work even harder next year to pay back this debt.

Original documents, which were not correct but are not yet accused of being forged, listed that the Secret Service paid $15,999.84 for the Marmara International LLC camping service. Then Trump Jr. billed you an additional $1,705.12 for extra protective duty.

However, these documents failed to include Trump Jr.’s taxpayer-funded stop in Ulaanbaatar, where he met with the president of Mongolia, Khaltmaagiin Battulga. This meeting costs a lot of money because of the air travel and the extra security required to make it possible for the son of the American president to meet with a foreign leader.

Donald Trump Jr. boasted about the hunting trip, sharing images of himself on the hunt for the endangered sheep species. He shared a picture of himself and his son “D3” while riding Mongolian horses and while camping out in a Mongolian yurt.

Don Jr. wrote: “Great adventure with my man Donnie aka D3 last week exploring western Mongolia. Despite some cold rain and even snow (and often times T-shirt weather on the same day), 12,000 feet altitude, long days with hard miles hiking, and on horseback, he doesn’t make a peep but goes hard and loves it. You’re the man, buddy.”

Prior to securing this taxpayer-funded hunting trip, Donald Trump Jr. had tried and failed to get rid of his “annoying” Secret Service detail. But when he felt threatened, he decided to keep every armed guard on constant watch for his safety.

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