A young father shocked the Reddit community when he asked whether he was the a**hole for changing his baby in a women’s restroom. The father simply needed a room with a changing table, so he went into the women’s restroom since the men’s restroom did not have one ready to be used. However, he soon found himself in a fight with one woman who took offense to him using the women’s restroom for the sake of his little child.

“I am a 31-year-old man and was at a large store yesterday with my 5mo son when he did what babies do. I went over to the restrooms and saw that there wasn’t a family/companion restroom, just a men’s and women’s. I went into the men’s room and saw there was a cubicle and a few urinals but no changing table. The sink didn’t have a counter, either.

“I walked out and hunted down an employee to ask where the changing table was. She said it was in the bathroom, and I asked where assuming there was a family/companion restroom on the other side of the store. She took me back to where I just was. I asked if there was another bathroom, and she said no. I told her I was just in the bathroom, and there was no changing table. She asked if I was sure and suggested I look again.

“I was annoyed, but I went back to the men’s room. No changing table. When I came out, the employee was gone. Keep in mind my son has been in his poopy diaper this whole time. So I give up and head into the lady’s room which sure enough had a changing table. There was a woman in there washing her hands, and she said, “wrong bathroom, buddy.”

“I gestured to my son and said, “no changing table in the men’s room.” She laughed and said, “bro, that sucks.” Then she walked out. So I rushed to change him, hoping to be done before anyone else walked in. I’m almost done when a woman walks in and starts screaming at me. I tried to explain what I was doing, but she kept screaming, “Get out! You can’t be here!” Then she ran out.

“I finished putting the diaper on and rushed out of the bathroom. I saw the woman talking to an employee and decided to leave without my stuff. The employee tried to wave me down and stop me, but I rushed out to my car, buckled my son into his car seat, and left.

“My wife said I absolutely did the right thing, but my mom said I’m an idiot and was 100% in the wrong. My sister won’t stop laughing at me and is no help at all. AITA?”

What do you think about this dad’s situation? Should fathers be criticized for using changing tables in women’s restrooms?