It is no secret that President Joe Biden comes from Delaware. He was the long-time senator for that state before being promoted to vice president during the Obama administration. Biden owns property in Delaware, including a beachfront home. However, watchdogs have discovered that Biden will be using funding from the Department of Homeland Security to build a security fence around the president and first lady’s home to keep the pair safe.

Now, critics are complaining that Biden should be putting DHS money toward Trump’s unfinished border wall along the southern border between the United States and Mexico. Because the rate of undocumented migrants entering the country has not slowed since the end of Trump’s presidency, critics believe that drastic measures need to be taken to stop people from flooding into America day after day.

According to September numbers, 1.7 million undocumented migrants have crossed the American-Mexican border so far this year. Daily Mail reported that this is the highest number of border crossings by undocumented people since at least 1960.

Joe and Jill Biden frequently leave Washington D.C. to visit their Delaware home. Biden purchased the four-acre plot of land in 1986 for $350,000. The home is 6,850 square feet, which gives the Bidens plenty of space to sprawl out.

Conservative pundits on networks, including Fox News, are using Biden’s property updates to his Delaware beach home as a talking point.

“While Joe Biden refuses to secure America’s southern border, he is building walls around his vacation home,” said Fox News host Jesse Watters on Friday evening. “Maybe walls do work after all.”

The total number of apprehensions at the southern border was listed as 1,735,686 as of September. In September, 192,001 migrants were captured at the border, which was down from 210,000 in August and about 214,000 in July. Many of the people trying to cross the border are minors. Only about 59 percent of the 192,000 people crossing in September were adults, which means that more than nearly 60,000 children are desperately trying to get into America to get access to better opportunities. Nevertheless, people do not want them to come.

Although Biden has stopped the construction of Trump’s wall, he is upgrading his summer house in Delaware. The property is located about 100 miles outside of Wilmington, in the upscale community of Rehoboth Beach. Biden has only visited his summer house twice as president – one in June to celebrate Jill’s 70th birthday and again in September.

The fence being built around Biden’s summer home was started on September 21, 2021. The contract for the job states that the work should be finished by the end of the year. A local company is doing the labor for the president. Turnstone Holdings is working on the president’s summer home.

During Trump’s single term in office, he would frequently leave work behind in Washington D.C. to rub elbows with celebrities and leaders at his family’s company’s resorts, Mar-a-Lago, Florida in the winter, and his Bedminster golf course, New Jersey, which he would frequently visit in the summer.

Do you think Biden’s beach house needs a new fence?

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