Look at his face! This man has never been ordered to do something so pleasing. “Arrest a woman in a bikini? Yes, sir?!” But when a distress call came in that a young female professional acrobat in a bikini was making a disturbance, it was up to the officers of Myrtle Beach, Virginia, to spring into action. And they wasted no time – except for a quick glance in the rearview mirror – and headed for the sand.

According to the 911 caller, the scene was alarming. It made her heart race and her blood boil. Sam Panda, the young acrobat, leaped, danced, and frolicked with her bikini-clad friends in the sand. The Myrtle Beach regular was offended by Panda’s display of youth and exaggerated her claims to the police so they’d have to choice but to investigate the “public indecency.”

Meanwhile, the two cops cruised into the beach parking lot. They flashed their lights and pulled up to the front. Remembering their sunglasses, the two officers left for the beach.

The waves were warm that day and agitated. Immediately, Sam Panda caught their attention. She pranced in the sand, leaping in the air like a ballerina in a bikini.

They strode over and apprehended Sam Panda.

She was shocked. Fear overtook her. Moments ago, she was dancing with her friends in the sand in broad daylight. It was Myrtle Beach in July, and she was having the time of her life. At first, she resisted. She didn’t know who was grabbing her or why.

But then the 911 caller stepped forward out of the beach crowd and declared herself Panda’s attacker. Panda was hauled into the police vehicle and booked.

It would have ended there, and no one would have known about any of it if it weren’t for Sam Panda and her bravery.  She posted footage of her arrest at the hands of the hungry Myrtle Beach police officers. The looks on their faces are alarming!

When she posted the arrest footage, she wrote:

“A woman called the cops on me because of my bikini,” Sam wrote about the terrifying experience. “That’s how this all started. Some Karen decided that my body was offensive to her and showed her child that her body could one day lead to her arrest.”

Although Sam Panda probably shouldn’t have been arrested for living her best life on Myrtle Beach, I found it interesting that the only person in the arrest footage who seemed to have any empathy with Panda was the unnamed Black police officer. Kudos to that cop for showing some empathy.

Footage of the arrest is alarming because it appears that the white police officer (who resembles Ryan Reynolds a little bit) yanked her arms back very hard while she was handcuffed for being on Myrtle Beach in a skimpy bikini and a thong.

Hopefully, this footage teaches that one should never forget their goal. Myrtle Beach PD showed up to investigate a call about a skimpy bikini. They should not have allowed this to escalate into an arrest. That’s a waste of taxpayer money.

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