The election in November is going to be a very close one. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the trade war with China, President Trump has to be able to prove that he’s the man for the job when former Vice President Joe Biden argues the opposite. While Trump is known for not mincing his word, Joe Biden is a lifelong politician who has a good ability to talk about various subjects without rubbing people the wrong way – however, when it comes to his ability to talk about China, he may need a refresher course in political correctness.

Critics are ready to jump up and call Joe Biden a racist. Because he aired a political ad that was accidentally racist, people on the left are filled with loathing for the current Democratic soon-to-be nominee. The problem that people are talking about has to do with a political ad that Joe Biden approved to air back in January while the coronavirus was still largely a problem in China – while President Trump praised the Chinese response to handling the outbreak.

The ad attacks Trump and accuses the president of failing to act quickly against the threat of the coronavirus. The ad, which has gotten hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube since it aired last week, has sparked concerns for Biden’s powerful thrust against the sitting president.

Back when Trump called a ban of travel from China, Biden called out “Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia,” which was tied to his lack of support for immigrants and people of color.

However, now political pundits on the left fear that Biden might be perceived as being too hard on Trump.

“Some worry the rhetoric in a new Biden campaign ad could spur anti-Asian bias already on the rise because of the coronavirus pandemic,” a Thursday piece in Politico claimed.

This can be a problem for the election frontrunner.

“Democrats have criticized the Trump team’s efforts as xenophobic. One Trump ad, for instance, implies Biden is cozy with Chinese leaders by picturing him alongside former U.S. ambassador to China Gary Locke, an American of Asian descent,” Politico reported. “But Trump himself has piled on. In a recent tweet, Trump claimed: ‘China wants Sleepy Joe sooo badly … Joe is an easy mark, their DREAM CANDIDATE!’”

On Twitter, Biden lashed out against Trump: “Donald Trump left our country unprepared and unprotected for the worst public health and economic crisis in our lifetime – and now we’re paying the price.”

Although leftists worry that Biden might be trying too hard to “out Trump, Trump,” he and his campaign team are not worried and feel their hard-nosed stance will win them votes.

“Our ad levels substantive and deserved criticisms at Donald Trump for believing discredited Chinese government propaganda about containment of the virus — something Joe Biden publicly warned him not to fall for,” the Biden campaign said in a statement to Politico. “That misjudgment has had devastating consequences for the American people.”

What do you think about Biden’s attack on Trump and his response to COVID-19?

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