On Sunday afternoon, the celebrated actress Park Soo Ryun fell down a set of stairs while overseas in South Korea. She was returning home when she fell, and now it has been revealed that Ryun has died from her injuries. Park Soo Ryun most famously starred in the Disney+ K-drama Snowdrop. After her terrible fall, the 29-year-old actress was immediately rushed to the emergency room at the hospital for treatment, but doctors were not able to help her and pronounced her brain dead as a result of her fall.

Now, Park Soo Ryun’s family has announced that they plan to donate the actress’s organs to someone in need. They said that they would feel “comforted” knowing that her heart would go to someone in need of the vital muscle.

In a conversation with Soompi on Monday, Park Soo Ryun’s mother said, “Only her brain is unconscious, and her heart is still beating. There must be someone who desperately needs [organs]. As her mother and father, we will be able to live comforted [by the thought that her heart] has gone to someone and is beating.”

Since then, the actress has officially died. Her last rites allegedly occurred on Monday, and her family set up a wake for Ryun that was held at Suwon Hospital of Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center in Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, according to an article published by Daily Mail.

Park first appeared on the international stage in the 2018 musical Il Tenore, which also featured prominent Asian actors Lee Sang-yi and Jeon Mi-do. Besides her work with Disney+, Ryun also played starring roles in other musicals and plays, including The Cellar, Othello, and The Day We Were In Love.

As for television, Ryun made her debut in 2021 for the series Snowdrop, in which she played a university student in the 1980s. She show also featured Blackpink singer Jisoo and actor Jung Hae-in.

Ryun’s tragedy is not the only one to strike the cast of Snowdrop. Another Snowdrop actress named Kim Mi-soo died in January 2022 at the age of twenty-nine. In the series, Mi-soo played a history student alongside Ryun and the other members of the cast. Her cause of death was not revealed, although it was tragic news at the time.

The untimely death of Park Soo Ryun has deeply saddened her friends, family, and fans. Her legacy will live on through the beautiful works of art that she created in her short life. May she rest in peace?

The passing of Park Soo Ryun is a great tragedy for the Korean entertainment industry and one that has caused an immense sense of grief and devastation. Her friends and family have asked for privacy at this difficult time as they seek to heal from the loss. The world has lost a great talent far too soon, but she will always be remembered for her incredible spirit and dedication to her craft. May Park Soo Ryun rest in peace.

Fans all over the world are mourning.