Ashley Rosenbaum, the contestant on “Bachelorette,” keeps very busy on social media. It’s part of her personal brand. She wants to seem engaged and in touch with the people around her. Although it’s been nearly a decade since she skyrocketed into the spotlight, Rosenbaum has still been very much a celebrity in the intervening years. One thing that’s unique about Rosenbaum is that she met and married her husband, JP Rosenbaum, while on the hit reality television show and have had children together.

Ashley is a mother of two. She’s kept up to date with all the social media trends and shifted her personal brand to focus on “momming” as well as beauty and personality tips. With 300,000 followers on Instagram, there are a lot of people out there who want to monitor Ashley’s every move and stay involved in the celebrity’s life. And Ashley has a lot of comments to sort through every single time she posts something – and even sometimes when messages come to her unsolicited.

But one particular comment proved extremely useful. The comment concerned Ashley’s youngest child, daughter Essex. The person who was monitoring the former Bachelorette noticed that Essex had something wrong with her and quickly told the mother of two all about it. This commenter helped Ashely confirm the diagnosis that Essex was stricken with torticollis.

Ashley gave birth to Essex back in 2016. Ashley was no stranger to sharing images of the little baby on her personal social media pages and gaining even more followers, especially those interested in following hot moms on Instagram.

“Somebody wrote me a message saying, ‘Hey, get her checked out’ because she was always twisted. She had torticollis,” Ashley revealed during an interview with People.

Although Ashley ignored the comment at first – she wasn’t about to take unsolicited medical advice from her fanbase concerning her little girl – but the comment stuck with her and became something Ashley could no longer ignore. Then when she Google the condition, she realized that it spoke to her daughter’s struggles most precisely.

Ashley and her husband shared two children together after marrying in 2012 following the nationally televised romance on the show. Their children are 4-year-old Fordham and two-year-old Essex. Because Ashley and hubby JP love living in the public eye, they shared their most intimate family moments on social media so as many people as possible could see them. And they got a lot of comments about their little girl, Essex – most declaring her the cutest thing on Earth. But there was that one comment, claiming that Essex was stricken with a medical condition. It ate at Ashley’s sense of peace.

“I read the comment and was like, ‘Oh, whatever.’ But then I was like, ‘Oh my God, this person is right.’”

The person who wrote the comment said their son had suffered from the same thing as Essex.

“I got her checked out, and she had it. We got the baby helmet and everything.”

If it wasn’t for Instagram, Essex might not be as healthy as she is today.