While at home sleeping, a little girl, only six-years-old, had no idea that her life was about to change forever. Because the downstairs neighbor had an idea to burn a candle and then forget about it, the entire apartment building was put in danger. Untended candles can be exceedingly dangerous – and that was proven to be correct after a fire started in Jared Musgrove’s apartment in Indiana a few months ago.

Because the downstairs neighbor had been negligent, Musgrove awoke in the middle of the night to a blaze. It was December, which is a cold month in Indiana. And Jared had to hurry. His six-year-old daughter, Kenzie, was missing, and he knew that she was in danger. The entire home was filled with smoke, and he struggled to find her as he tried to leave the home.

Eventually, Musgrove found his daughter, who was severely burned and injured. When he got her out of the apartment and got her rushed to the emergency room, it was quickly determined that the neighbor’s fire had burned 68 percent of her body. But that was hardly the end of her suffering – it was really only just beginning.

Since that fateful day in December, Kenzie has undergone six surgeries. One of the surgeries involved the complete amputations of her toes and fingers of her left hand and foot. The fire had destroyed those parts of her body and made them useless and a danger to the rest of her. Therefore, they had to be removed.

After three months of being in the hospital, Kenzie finally was discharged. Despite returning home in March, her mother, Jessica, said that Kenzie’s life is ruined and “altered forever.”

After the negligent neighbor forgot about their burning candle, Kenzie noticed smoke filling up her father’s apartment. Kenzie then hid behind the couch and the patio door. She was sandwiched in between what she hoped would be a safe place. But she was wrong. The spot where she had sought safety just so happened to be right above the source of the flames.

Meanwhile, Jared was frantically searching for Kenzie. He had already found his son and his other daughter, but his beloved Kenzie was nowhere to be found. As the smoke grew thicker around him, he screamed out for his daughter but heard nothing. He then had to flee the apartment with the other children and wait for the emergency responders to get to Kenzie. He had no other choice. They arrived at the scene and quickly found Kenzie and removed her to safety – but the injuries had been severe.

Her mother, Jessica, said, “I got to the hospital as quickly as I could, and as soon as I walked into the ward, I knew how serious this was. She was black from head to toe and evidently in so much pain.”

It was so hard to hear Kenzie screaming out and suffering because of the neighbor’s negligence.

Over the next few weeks, Kenzie underwent surgeries. Only a few weeks after the fire, the family got the devastating news that her toes and fingers would be amputated.

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